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New Smart features rumored to make its way into the next version of Android



Google I/O 2017 is scheduled to happen in the month of May, and it is expected that we will get the glimpse of the next version of Android. While Android Nougat is yet to fully make its way into most smartphones, we already have some rumors about the next version of Android and what it might bring to the table. According to the new report which we have from Venture Beat, it looks like Google is already preparing some new features which are expected to make its way into the next version of Android, i.e., Android 8.0.

According to the source, the company is developing a couple of new features out of which the first one appears to be called the Copy less feature. As the name suggests, the app is being made to lower a number of texts that is being copied from one app to the other, thereby reducing the effort for the user while interacting with the device. With the help of the AI, this feature will automatically give an option to paste certain texts which you read in the previous app, etc. For instance, if you saw a cool restaurant in an app, when you try to type the address of the restaurant to tell your friend, the copy less feature will automatically suggest the address be pasted based on what it read.

While it is a great feature, but it is something that can be done within the keyboard app itself and hence it is yet to be seen if it will come as an update to the GBoard app or as a feature within Android. Another feature which is expected to make its way has something to do with making your texting experience more easier. For instance, while texting if you send an address of a location to your friend, it would be automatically be recognized by Android. It will then convert that address into a link which can be then opened in Google Maps.

And last but not the least, Google is also working on some new finger gestures. For instance, if you draw a ‘C’ pattern on your screen, then it would automatically open contacts with the names starting with ‘C.’ Do make a note that this kind of gestures are already being used by a ton of OEMs in their custom skins, and it is high time that Google bake this into the OS. Having said that, it is worth taking a note that none of this is officially confirmed by Google. Hence we suggest you take all this with a pinch of salt at this point in and time and wait till we get some more info.

Meanwhile, let us know what do you think about these new features and would you be interested to see them in the next version of Android. Be sure to comment down below and stay tuned for more info on this.


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