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New Report Details Samsung’s Plans for ISOCELL Dual Cameras



The South Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung is yet to enter the race of having dual rear cameras on a smartphone. It was expected that we might see something on the Galaxy S8, however, now it is expected that the Galaxy Note 8 will have one. However, according to the new reports which we have, it looks like the company wants to bring something new to the table. If you have been following the news lately, then you might already be aware of the fact that the company announced the new ISOCELL Dual camera tech at MWC Shanghai last week. Well, now we have a lot more info that.

According to an official document which details about this ISOCELL Dual camera technology, apparently, it looks like this ISOCELL Dual camera can be configured in three different ways. These different ways include zoom, depth sensing, and low light shooting. As you may or not know, the current configurations in the market are only limited to one type, which is a combination of color and depth sensors. However, beyond that, it looks like Samsung has plans beyond just smartphones for the ISOCELL Dual cameras.

According to the company, their technology provides great low-light sensitivity performance and high-temperature endurance. The company also details possible implementations of the technology automotive sector which includes the use of these cameras surrounds view camera on the side mirrors, front sensing cameras, e-mirrors, etc. Apart from that, these can also be used in the field of Virtual Reality, wearables, etc. Do make a note that none of this is official as of now since we have no official reports them being implemented yet.

However, talking about the implementation, the possibility of having these cameras on a smartphone seems like a more valid implementation since smart vehicles are still in early stages of development. It could a while until the smart vehicle technology is perfected and we see some development in that field. As of now, it is highly expected that this camera will be found on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 phablet which is expected to be launch very soon. With that said, we would like to know your thoughts on this. What do you think is the best possible implementation of these cameras. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below and also stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info on this.

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