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New Nokia 3310 launched in India at Rs 3310 – Top 10 Features



Nokia is finally back after a long time in India with the all new Nokia 3310 Feature Phone. The phone will be available offline only at a price of Rs 3310 from 18th may onwards and you can grab your hands on it by pre booking on any of their retail partners. It will be available in 4 different colors & the brand has no plans to sell this phone online.

Nokia officially re-entered the global smartphone market by launching the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, and Nokia 6 Android smartphone with Google Assistant. Only after launching these devices, the company revealed the all new Nokia 3310 feature phone with the guts and glory from its 17-year old predecessor. Even with minor changes in the design of this new device, we can still feel the same sturdiness as of the old Nokia 3310 by looking at these below. While more than 126 million units of old Nokia 3310 were worldwide before its discontinued, even 10% of those numbers will make the new Nokia 3310 a big hit.

As we already got out hands-on this new iconic upgrade, let us point out the top 10 features of the new Nokia 3310 compared to the older Nokia 3310 launched in 2000.

  • The new Nokia 3310 comes with 2.4″ color display, which is bigger and better than the monochrome display of the older Nokia 3310. While the old Nokia 3310 came with a 48 x 84 pixels resolution, its successor now comes with a whopping 320 x 240 pixels resolution. Though the company mentioned the new device to feature a curved window with a polarized layer for better readability under sunlight, we still feel Monochrome display of the 2000’s Nokia 3310 will outperform the 2017 launched variant.
  • The battery on the newer device is of 1200mAh capacity, which is 25% bigger than the 900mAh battery of its predecessor.
    While the older device is then rated to deliver up to 4.5 hours of talk time and lasts up to 10.8 days on standby mode, the new device with bigger battery gives up to 22.1 hours of talk time and lasts up to 31 days in standby mode. We expect the chipset inside might be better optimized than the 17 hours older technology.
  • Though the new Nokia 3310 feels bulky in the latest standards, it is far slimmer than the older Nokia 3310. The older Nokia 3310 measures 113 x 48 x 22 mm, whereas the newer variant is slightly bigger, but slimmer be measuring 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm. However, this new device weighs just 79 grams while the older variant weighs almost 139 grams. It is almost on par with the weight of recent 5-inch smartphones.
  • There are bunch new games offered with the new device including the updated version of Snake. While the other basic games like Asphalt 6, Doodle Jump, and Diamond Twister 2 can be downloaded from the app store using the mobile data. The older 3310 came with 4 games – Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact, and Bantumi. Unlike the newer 3310, the games on the older variant can’t be upgraded or deleted.
  • One more area, where the older Nokia 3310 leads the way ahead of the newer variant is the built quality. While the newly launched variant comes only in Red, Black, Blue, and Yellow; but the older Nokia 3310 came with the Xpress-on covers that can be changed without much effort. But the newly launched variant misses that simple customization and the user need to visit the nearest service center in case of any damage.
  • The newly launched device also offers a 2MP camera on the rear with LED flash, whereas the camera on a 2000’s feature phone might have been a big sensation. However, with all the technological advancements, the 2MP camera might not make a big difference. As there is no internal storage to save the captured images, the user needs to purchase a MicroSD card separately. It can capture photos and record videos with the 2MP and has the burst mode options for capturing continuous images.
  • In between both the 3310 devices, the newer variant also comes with Bluetooth connectivity for transferring files with other nearby Bluetooth enabled devices. It even has the FM Radio and a Music Player for listening to music. These all features not available on the older variant. The new device also comes with MicroUSB 2.0 port for charging and connecting to the computer to transfer files.
  • Another interesting upgrade in this new device is the 2G connectivity, and it supports GSM 900/1800 MHz frequency. Even there is also a built-in Opera Mini browser for surfing Internet. Much like the older Nokia smartphones, just press and hold the ‘0’ to open the browser.
  • The keyboard is another beauty aspect of both these features phones. From the images, we can the T9 keyboard layout remains same on both the devices, but the newly launched variant come with separated buttons to answer and end calls. The D-pad makes the phone operation easier on this device. On the either of the D-pad are the selection buttons which aren’t backlit like other keys.
  • The most famous ringtone is also included in the newly unveiled Nokia 3310. It surely brings back all our memories with the earlier used Nokia phones. While the 200’s device is limited to single SIM, the new 3310 comes in both single SIM and dual SIM variants. There is also a third slot for inserting the MicroSD that supports only up to 32GB.

What you like the most about this new Nokia 3310, post your thoughts in the comments section below. 


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