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New iOS 11 Beta Update Brings Bug Fixes & New App Icons



Apple has been quite aggressive when it comes to the iOS beta updates which they have been pushing to the eligible iPhones. Last week, they released the 5th beta update for iOS 11 and now, we already have the new iOS 11 6th beta. That’s a total of six beta updates in the just over two months of introducing the new software to the masses. And yes, all these updates have been quite generous when it comes to the big fixes and performance improvements and on the same lines, the new update also brings in a slew of new bug fixes and a few interesting things.

Talking about the new beta update, the registered users can download the sixth beta of iOS 11 from the Apple Developer Center. Alternatively, this can also be done over-the-air once the configuration profile has been set and ready to go. And well, whether or not you should install this new update, completely depends on you.

As mentioned earlier, the update brings in a lot of new bug fixes. Firstly, it has been reported that it fixes an issue that caused the DirecTV app to crash on launch. Also, few users had reported that the audio stops playing when they launch the App Store. This has been fixed as well. Apart from that, several bugs with Family Sharing features have also been fixed.

The new update also fixes the issues with the notes app which addresses an issue that caused the app to malfunction when restoring from a backup. It was reported that even the Apple Pencil was not working upon rotating the device, which has now been fixed as well. However, it looks like the new update has brought a few issues along with it as well. It looks like the new update is crashing the Audiobus 3. Apparently, there is also an issue which prevents an AT&T user from updating the cellular data number.

And now, talking about the new visual changes, the iOS 11 6th beta seems to have made a few changes to the app icons. The Apple Maps icon now shows a car driving along the new Apple Park. The reminders App icon is now fixed with bullet points back on the left instead of the right. The App Store icon has also changed from a paint brush and a ruler to popsicle looking ‘A’ alphabet. Well, there are a ton of other new changes and we suggest you head over to the link below for more detailed analysis on the same. Having said that, if you are planning on installing this latest update, then we suggest you not to do so on your primary device since this is still not a final version and has a lot of bugs.

Via – Macrumors


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