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New Google Fiber TV Box with 4K streaming and wireless connectivity reportedly being tested



Google is now slowly moving to the hardware side of things as well, and it is very much clear from the fact that they just launched the new Pixel smartphones which are their own hardware. Yes, HTC manufactured them, but they are being sold under Google brand, so that makes it even. But not just that, they also announced the new Google Home which is another product from the company which solves the purpose of having a personal assistant right at your home when you need it. And yes, not to forget the Chromecast and other stuff which they have as well.

Hence, the hardware side of things is nothing new to Google anymore. However, now it looks like they are also testing the new variant of the Google Fiber TV box. Yes, we do have some reports which state that the company is testing it out in the wild. According to the source, new Fiber TV, and Network boxes are currently in testing with support for 4K and better wireless. Taking a look at the product itself, this alleged new variant looks very similar to the one which we have right now in the market.

That is, the new variant with the model number GFHD254 looks strikingly similar to the (GFHD200) currently in the market. However, the new one comes with the new Google Logo on the top. Also, when you take a look at the back of the device, you can see that comes with several ports as well. The IR and the coax have been on the other hand since the device is now said to support wireless connectivity. This was not the case previously, as it was supposed to be connected either via coax or ethernet.

AV out, HDMI, USB, and power remains there. Only the addition of Wi-Fi allows for your box, i.e., TV to be located anywhere. And besides all these changes, the box can now push 4K content as well. This means content streaming via the YouTube with HDR. This updated new box will also see significantly better reception on 5GHz bands. Not much info other than this is available at this point in time. Hence we have to wait for some more time until we get more light on the matter.

It is reported that these new boxes entered the testing phase after their recent announcement where they said, they will pause the development in this area. However now after this new report, the pause in the development seems to be a temporary move only and hopefully it will be lifted soon. The existing customers may or may get this as a free upgrade and more info on that needs to wait as of now. Stay tuned for more details on this as we will update once we have more details.


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