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New Google App Beta Update hints at new Google device codenamed “Bisto”



Recently we discovered some new ‘fishy‘ names for the upcoming Google devices. These new names are expected to be the possible successors to the Pixel smartphones. Now according to the new reports which we have, it looks like we will be seeing some other new device this year from Google. The latest update for the Google App gives us some interesting news about a new device from Google. While this update was pushed a couple days ago, the folks over at Android Police did a teardown of the app recently which reveals a code name of yet another device from the company.

This newly discovered name is ‘Bisto’ and interestingly, it doesn’t seem to correspond to any existing device. It was found inside the code for Google Assistant and it found alongside different categories such as Android Auto, Android Wear, etc. The name was also found to be mentioned in other areas which point in the direction of the device having a screen and also supports headphones. Also, the fact that it is listed right next to the pixel name, opens up a mere possibility that it could very well be a smartphone after all.

However, the source also states the possibility that it could simply be an internal name of an Android One device or maybe a new device category altogether. Either way, we have to until we get some official info from the company on this. And since it just a codename which we are talking about here in this teardown, we suggest you not to take this too seriously and wait for any official info in future. Having said that, the app update, however, brings in a lot of new changes. There’s an option to disable the addition of an icon to the Google launcher’s home screen when installing a new app, a toggle for enabling or disabling Google Assistant notifications, etc.

Also, if you wish to know more on the upcoming Pixel devices for this year, we suggest you stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more info.


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