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New Apple Patent Images Showcase Future AirPower Technology



Apple has introduced a new innovative wireless charging pad called AirPower with its 10th-anniversary edition iPhone X, back in 2017. However, the wireless charging pad hasn’t seen the light of the day yet. Despite that, Apple had filed a new patent that relates to AirPower at US Patent & Trademark Office last week.

According to Patently Apple, the new patent images showcase the future wireless charging pad from Apple, which could charge multiple devices simultaneously, iPhone, Apple Watch, for instance. What’s interesting with this patent images is the security feature that showcases the charging status of the multiple Apple products.

To be precise, the patent illustrates a device that features the largest display amongst the products that are being charged showcases the battery charging status of all the other products placed on the pad. This security feature is expected to be witnessed on the AirPower as well.

The patent images of the wireless charging pad further reveal the illustration of future wireless charging apparatus through which the power is supplied to various computing devices, using the wireless charging surface. This charging apparatus also is expected to come with memory storage for device information. As for the wireless charging surface, it is believed to have a form of wireless charging technology that can be utilized to charge multiple devices that are placed in a proximity range.

The new patents filed appears to be interesting, but, considering the functional AirPower not yet being released, we certainly can’t expect these new functional patent is coming to life any time soon.



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