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Netflix’s New Cheaper Mobile-only Subscription Now Available



The popular digital content platform Netflix is reportedly testing a mobile-only subscription at a much cheaper cost. This is followed by recent Netflix’s CEO Reed Hasting’s announcement, where he stated the company planning to expand its reach in Asia and to attract more consumers to use their streaming service. He further said that they would be experimenting with much cheaper plans in certain parts of the region. To begin with, the Mobile-only plan seems to be the Netflix’s first approach in achieving the desired number of consumers.

A new report reveals that Netflix has silently rolled out its Mobile-only subscription plan in the Malaysian market alongside the existing Basic, Standard and Premium plans. The report also suggests, the Mobile plan is priced at RM 17 (Rs 293 approx)/month, this is exactly half the price of a Basic plan (which costs Rs 500 per month) that Netflix offers in India.

While Netflix doesn’t want to lower the pricing of current plans – Basic (Rs 500), Standard (Rs 650), Premium (Rs 800) and Ultra (Rs 950) per month, instead it had introduced a new cheaper Mobile-only plan. Bear in mind; the new Mobile-only plan only supports same as what Basic plan currently is offering.



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