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Namotel Launches Acche Din Smartphone at Rs 99 that you should Not Book



Namotel Acche Din Phone

Remember few months back we had seen a Smartphone that became an internet sensation i.e. the Freedom 251 that never came in the hands on the people who ordered the same. Recently a few weeks back we had heard about another product in the similar price range dubbed as the Docoss X1. Today we have just received a report that a new company dubbed as Namotel is going to launch a phone at just Rs 99.

Something that clearly tells that this could be a fake news but well as part of our reporting we would be covering a little more about this phone, but do make a note that we would suggest you to not spend your money on this. Talking about the phone it comes with a 4” Display along with a 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of Internal Storage that’s something basic but not possible at this price point of just Rs 99 that roughly translates to $1.5.

The company’s promote Madhava Reddy has claimed that this could be the lowest priced phone in the world & this is a revolutionary step in this mobile phone segment market. The device is running on Android 5.1 Lollipop, powered with a 1.3GHz quadcore processor that should be good enough for basic applications like WhatsApp that can be connected with Wi-Fi or 3G. In terms of the battery, it comes with a 1325 mAh capacity and is available in two color opitons ie the Black & White.

According to the brand, it will be available for booking from May 17th to 25th May 2016. Originally the phone was listed at Rs 2,999 but now is going to be available under this offer price, though when we checked the website it was already down, probably because of the heavy rush these kind of announcements. Regarding the service centers, it is known that they would have 575 NAMOTEL authorized service centers are distributed across the country.

Namotel Domain

Well, isn’t this a crazy pricing! In the picture you can see the device is named Namotel Acche Din (Good Days), which is quite weird. As if the pricing was not weird they had to name this handset with such bizarre word. There are more information that points this is another fake or incapable company like Ringing Bells that would fail to deliver on their promises. The domain name Namotel (linked below) was registered on March 1st, 2016. Moreover, the company officials state that there smartphones are under Make in India initiative and would be offered only to Indian Citizens in the country with valid Aadhaar Cards.

Madhav Reddy - Namotel Promoter

When we digged more, we found the promoter of the company was earlier working as a Relationship Manager for Home Loans department for Axis Bank & that clearly points that he has almost no experience in the Smartphone Industry.

We were able to check out the information listed on their website, which states that you would have to make Rs 199 extra payment for getting that handset delivered at your doorstep. So, it means that getting that handset delivered will cost you more than the smartphone itself. This story is full of quirks, isn’t it. I just hope people would not fall for this kind of schemes and companies stop with such campaigns to get an overnight fame. Because Indian citizens haven’t had a good experience with such smartphone priced insanely cheap.

Namotel - Registration Form

Important Specifications

  • 1.3 Ghz Quad Core Processor
  • 1GB RAM with 4GB Internal Storage
  • 3G Connectivity
  • Camera – 2MP REAR + .3MP FRONT
  • Dual SIM Card

How To Book the Ache Din Smartphone:
You need to head over to the registration form here, where you need to submit all the details. Its a little confusion because on the website they had mentioned Rs 99 phone, while on the listing page its Rs 199 and you will have to pay additional for shipping itself. There isn’t any announcement on the total number of devices that would be shipped.

Company Information:
Chequecut Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
No.998, 2nd Floor, BTM Stage -4
Vijaya Bank Layout,
Bangalore -560076.


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