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Muse – The Brain Sensing Headband Review



Wearables devices market has been gaining traction this year, but it was not the case last year. The wearable space started with pedometers, fitness trackers, and it has now grown into a full-fledged innovation area, which is slowly getting into the more personal space.

Most of those devices are used to track your activities or rather help you in achieving some goals. But what if there is a wearable device that will relax your brain from all the unnecessary activities/thinking as there is a lot of stress in the world. And people needs calmness to achieve peace of mind, for at least few times in an interval.

This Muse headband from a Toronto-based InteraXon is a specially designed brain sensing headband. Its aim is to keep you relaxed while giving your brain room to focus better, improve cognitive functions and ultimately settle your mind.

Talking about its features, it boasts a total of seven sensors that allows it to understand the brain activities in detail. The five sensors are present on the forehead part of the device while remaining two sensors are placed on the rubbers behind the ears. The headband is made comfortable to wear as well as stylish enough to not look weird wearing in public places. The sensors collectively determine the brain activities and measures various kind of brain waves. It then converts them into data, which gets charted through the companion app.

How to connect?

Connecting it to your device is very easy via the dedicated app knows as Calm. The app uses Bluetooth pairing to connect the muse with your smartphone. It is available for Android as well as iOS devices.

How to wear?

Wearing it properly is the key to get the correct data, as the sensors need to track those brain waves to determine if you’re thinking actively, or have calmed your mind. Let us how you how to wear it properly.

We have been using this headband for more than a week; the most important factor of the muse is that it disconnects you from your work life to the personal life. Generally, I was always connected with work through social media, almost 24 x 7. But with the muse, which helped clearing all the thoughts running randomly in the mind. And helping you at peace, which eventually helps you in a better sleep.

Overall, it’s useful for people who are workaholics, or have issues with insomnia, it helps your mind to have peace and move to rest. At the same time, you can start using it before you start your work to get maximum focus and attention.

The flaws we see with this is that it lacks a speaker, which is OK since we plan to use it in public places at times. And some better exercises apart from what we have pre-installed in an application.

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