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Multiple reports claims iPhone sales to see a downfall in comparison to last year



Apple launched the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus a couple of months back along with the Apple Watch Series 2 smart watch. In terms of both design as well as performance, the new iPhones are not significantly different from the last year’s offering which is the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. Yes, the Plus sized variant came with a few noteworthy improvements, however, overall it was not a worthy upgrade if you already owned the iPhone 6s or the 6s Plus. This might not seem like a huge deal, but when you talk about the overall sales for the company, it does matter a lot. The iPhone 7 and the Plus variant, both of them being a minor upgrade, it got a lot of people thinking about the idea of upgrading.

Since these new iPhones have hit the market, all we have seen are the reports which claims failed attempt of the Cupertino tech giant in achieving the sales figures with these new smartphones. Do make a note that they are not bad phones by any means, in fact currently, they are the best iPhones available in the market right now. But on the flip side, they are just not a worthy upgrade overall. According to the new info by Barron, multiple manufacturing plants in Taiwan that create various components for the iPhones have faced losses. This is due to the lack of demand for the components since the expected number of iPhones were not sold this year. Thr total profits of these manufacturing units have gone down about 0.4-percent in comparison to the same time last year.

Also, with 2017 marking the ten-year anniversary of the iPhones, the expectations from the next year’s iPhone is quite high in the market. In fact, it is so high that we started hearing about it the very next day after the company took wraps off the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus. And considering fact that this year’s iPhones were not all that impressive or ‘boring’ in layman words, most people decided to skip this one and wait for the bigger party next year. We have already heard a lot about the new iPhones coming with OLED display, revolutionary design and what not. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, who is one of the well-known analyst in the industry reported that the reason for the lower sales figures this year could either because of no planned refresh for the iPhone SE or less demand for the products in China.

While it is really sad that the company is having a hard time selling the new iPhones, part of the reason also could be increase in the quality of Android phones in the market as well. Unlike earlier days, Android smartphones from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Huawei, etc have seen a significant improvement. Now people are seriously considering Android smartphones as well while making a purchase decision. Hence, from this point onwards, it is only going to be interesting to see who dominates the market as the differences in the products are dying. Stay tuned to PhoneRadar to know more on this in the future.


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