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Moto X 2014 Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



Moto X 2014

Motorola took us by surprise when company announced mid-higher range smartphone last year named, Moto X, which was basically a mid-higher range smartphone, given the powerful application features like the incredible Moto Apps and had privilege to get Android 4.4 Kitkat faster than any high-end flagship smartphone in 2013. Jumping to this year, company has finally taken its Moto X to an all new level and placed substantially in the race of flagship smartphones, with likes of HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5, as well as to some extent with the LG G3 smartphone.

Moto X 2014, purportedly called as Second Generation Moto X, begins where the first-generation model fell short. It sports a much higher resolution display measuring at 5.2-inch (1080p) and is powered by a 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 SoC. The specs sheet includes a 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, 13MP rear snapper with Ring-based Dual LED flash and a 2MP front shooter to take incredible selfies.

For the Moto X 2014 users, we wanted to share how you can improve your experience by using the Motorola’s set of features and rebranded app bundled with new Moto X 2014 model. Here are few FAQs, tips, tricks and useful options that will help you make the most out of this Pure Android device.

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How to design your customized Moto X 2014 using Moto Maker

Motorola has a very interesting take on how users should have the option to get customized smartphone. Since, the smartphone remains with you most of the time in the day, it is a very good opportunity to reflect your personality on your Moto X 2014. Originally started last year, the Moto Maker online service lets you customize various parameters of the new Moto X smartphone.

First, you need to know that the Moto Maker services are currently available with select carriers in the United States. As of now, the UK users can also customize the second generation Moto X. Second thing is that it is very easy to order a customized Moto X for yourself. The service allows you to select up to 25 different back panels featuring from categories like cool, leather, natural, warm, and neutral while the front color can be chosen between Black and White.

In the new Moto X, you can also customize the color of the trim around the Motorola’s logo. Currently, the storage options are of only 16GB and 32GB, where 32GB will cost you extra $50. You can also setup your favorite wallpaper from the available ones, as well as set the greetings and already sync your Google account. So, that you will receive a smartphone that is ready to use out-of-the-box, meaning no initial setup required, just open the box and start using your new Moto X. Or either you can select from the pre-designed Moto X list.

Here’s everything you can command your new Moto X 2014 to do by voice

Moto X Voice Controls

Motorola has rebranded and updated its Active Display and Touchless Control to Moto Display and Moto Voice, respectively. The Moto Voice now allows you to customize the voice controls by changing app phrases, to be something other than Ok, Google Now. Now you can post your facebook status, Open Youtube, as well as send messages on WhatsApp by rephrasing the hotwords to suit your style. Company has also built commands for you, like “goodnight” or good morning, which would turn sleep mode on or off. Below are some of the few commands that we have tried and tested with the new Moto X 2014:

  • Post to Facebook: Because typing your status is too mainstream
  • Send WhatsApp message: WhatsApp messages to your contacts
  • What’s Up? Tells you the time and any unread notifications.
  • What’s this song? Listen to the beat. Tells you what’s rocking.
  • How far away is the moon? Just a basic Google search. (Answer: 384472 KM)
  • Navigate home: If you have a home location noted in Google and need to know how to get there, this will help guide you there. Or you can navigate to other places.
  • Take a selfie: We’re not saying you should, but this will fire up the front-facing camera and count down from three.
  • When’s my next meeting? Uses Google Now to see what you’re about to be up to, or what it was you’re were supposed to be doing.
  • Remind me to pick up milk tonight: Sets a reminder to pick up milk. Or the bread. Or cheese. Need anything else?
  • Play Maroon 5 on YouTube: Did you saw the latest video posted by Maroon 5?
  • Talk to me: Will announce incoming calls and texts and for a half-hour.
  • Set alarm for 5 a.m. tomorrow: To early to wake up, right?
  • Take a photo: Opens the the rear camera.
  • Send a text to Lisa Lewis: She’ll be glad to hear from you.
  • Check voicemail: It’s your mom. Give her a call back.
  • Open Calendar: Because being late is for losers.
  • Good morning: Wake up, talk to your phone, learn your next appointment.
  • Goodnight: Turns on the sleeping do-not-disturb mode in Moto Assist
  • Get a list of commands: This does what we just did here.
  • What’s the weather? So you know what it’s like outside without having to go outside.
  • Call Lisa Lewis on mobile: That Lisa Lewis sure is popular.

The bold letters on the above list are the phrases/words that you can use to initiate the different functionalities via the Moto Voice app present on the new Moto X 2014 model.

How to make a video highlight reel on the Moto X 2014

The video highlights feature might not be a new feature as it was touted by HTC and Samsung in their flagship devices. While Motorola thought, it will be an interesting addition to their recently announced Moto X 2014. Making short clips from the photos on your device is very simple with this Highlight Reel feature on this device. It allows you to create cool little montage; as well as add soundtracks to it, later you can share it with your friends. Below is the procedure on how you can create a highlight reel.

  • Take a bunch of photos and record videos too if you want.
  • Now go to gallery app on your device. There you need to choose “Highlights” option by swiping the slid-out drawer from the left.
  • Next step is to tap the grouping that you want to work with.
  • Now you need to select the images, as well as videos that you want to be included in the highlight reel.
  • Select the duration of the highlight and add the soundtrack accordingly to match the playback time.
  • Just save your highlight reel and share with your friends at your will.

How to use Moto Assist on your new Moto X 2014 model

Moto X 2014 - Moto Assist

Motorola’s design quality doesn’t only reflect on their smartphones, but their apps have intuitively designed, keeping in mind the user experience. In this new Moto X, company has clubbed its set of apps in a one app, aptly named Moto. Where users will find the combination of the four apps, Assist, Actions, Voice and the Display apps.
Moto Assist houses four indispensable feature modes including Sleeping, Driving, Home, and the Meeting. We explain them all below:

  • Sleeping: It might be the best implementation of the do-not-disturb feature, which allows you to turn of the Moto X’s abilities to aptly display the notifications and time periodically. For example, 11PM to 6AM, which you have set in the app, and it also allows users to opt for the complete silence, meaning you won’t hear your phone ring when a call or message arrives. Though, you can still select some favorite contacts to come through, or if someone calls twice within five minutes.
  • Driving: It was meant for you to be a better driver, as it allows you to maintain your concentration on the road and your hands upon the steering wheel. There are two options present here: One allows app to read the text messages and other lets incoming calls aloud on speaker directly when you are driving. The Moto X automatically fires up this mode when its thinks you are driving, using the car’s motion as well as ambient sound it detects that user is currently driving or not.
  • Home: It works in a similar fashion to the Driving mode, when the Moto X sees that you are at home – you must setup the home address. It will read the incoming text messages aloud, and will announce the incoming callers. Company’s idea behind this, is that users won’t always have to have their phone in the pocket. Though, there might be some times that you don’t want your text messages to be announced out loud to anyone in the house. Nonetheless, it is still an interesting update on the new Moto X.
  • Meeting: This feature deeply integrates into the calendar app on your Moto X 2014, as it silences your phone during meeting times. But yeah, you get to choose which ones it can silence. It has ability to auto reply to missed calls from your favorite contacts. And to note that, you can customize those replies easily.

How to use Moto Actions feature on my Moto X 2014

Moto X 2014 - Moto Actions

Moto Actions is another bundled built-in feature of Motorola, aptly designed to make use of various sensors installed in the device. They are all turned on by default, so don’t actually have to go to this part of Moto App. Though, if you are new to Moto X’s ecosystem, you need to learn how you can use this feature. Let us show you how.

First is the “Wave to Silence” feature, which is a new addition, as well as those four infrared sensors on the front of the phone. It makes use of those sensors and allows you to silence your phone whenever it rings during call or alarms, as you need to wave your hand over the phone to make it work. Motorola recommends its users to keep their hands about 6 inches above the display.

Then, there’s the old double twist your wrist while holding the phone to launch the camera app. It is a very convenient way to launch the app, as you can also use this feature from inside any other app. Interesting, right?
Well, that’s not it, though, as there is an Approach option, which uses the IR sensors on the new Moto X to detect when your hand is coming towards the phone. It can automatically flash the clock, as well as any notifications coming to your phone, which are waiting, making it a great addition on this year’s Moto X.

How to use the Moto Voice feature on my Moto X 2014

Moto X 2014 - Moto Voice

Motorola has rebranded this feature as it was previously called Touchless Control. In the new Moto X, the Voice feature lets you do all sorts of things, which you were not able to do on the last year’s Moto X. Meaning, now you users can have fun with hotwords as you can pretty much set any phrase you want. And it’s not just “Ok, whatever”, you can basically change it to anything you want. While most of the smartphone users are aware of the Google’s “Ok, Google” service, in the new Moto X, you can control anything via the voice controls, starting with waking up your device. It’s an incredible way to personalize your smartphone.

How to use the Moto Display on my Moto X 2014

Moto X 2014 - Moto Display

Company has also rebranded its Active Display, as it is now called as Moto Display, while boasting the almost same functionalities, with few new additions too. Its basic function is to allow users to see clock and notifications, as it flash the both without having to touch the power button or anything. But now you can also customize the notifications, as you can select which apps can show notifications here. As well as you can select it to hide notification details, when you are using a screen lock. It also boasts a new addition, as now you can choose to have the phone vibrate, whenever you touch a notification while expanding it.

How to Install external apps with apk files

It is fairly easy to bypass this feature on the new Moto X. You just have to go to the security options, when you go to the settings area. Now search the option aptly named, “Unknown sources.” You need to check the box in front of that option. There you go, now you can simply install the apk files directly from your device. But do remember that, installing the apps form unknown sources might damage your new Moto X.

How to check for Android Updates on Moto X 2014

To do that, you need to go to the About phone section, which can be done by opening the settings area, and then scroll to the bottom, where you will find that section. Now go to the first option in the About phone, and tap on it, as it will start checking for any system update over-the-air. If there is any update, you will be notified right away about it.

How to share your Data network via Tethering

This is one of the most widely used features of the Android smartphone is almost same on most of the Android-powered smartphones, except in few smartphones like Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi, etc. are few of them. Since, Motorola gives pure Android stock experience, it can be found in the same place. To remind you that, go to settings area, then tap on the more option in Wireless & Networks section, which will open all the available options. There you need to select Tethering & mobile hotspot option, where you can setup your Wi-Fi hotspot, and check the Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot option in order to share the data pack of your mobile device. Note that, your mobile data should be turned on, if you want to share the internet connection of your device.

How to use the Android Beam feature on my Moto X 2014

Moto X 2014 - Android Beam

This feature was also present on the last year’s Moto X model, which is fairly useful feature as it allows users to beam the content to another NFC-enabled device. For instance, the two NFC-enabled device can beam contents like browser pages, youtube videos, as well as the contacts and much more contents. To use this feature on the Moto X 2014, first you need to go to settings area, and then to tap on the More in the Wireless & Networks section, which will open a list of options. From that list, you need to select make sure that the NFC is enabled by checking the box in front of it. Now open the Android Beam option by tapping on it, and turn on the function whenever you need to beam the contents on other NFC-enabled devices.

Will the Moto X 2014 phone get Android L update

Yes, it will be getting the update of Android L. Google has committed to release the final version of its much awaited next version of the open source operating system, Android. Motorola updated its last year’s Moto X as soon as the Android 4.4 Kitkat was released, which originally shipped with Android Jelly Bean. It seems like company is committed to maintain that trend this year too. So, watch out for the Android L release as we head deeper into the fall.

How to use the Tap & pay feature on my Moto X 2014

Moto X 2014 Tap and pay

It is another interesting feature that was even available on the last year’s Moto X, and is being praised introduced first time on the recently announced iPhone 6. It is fairly easy to use this feature, let us get you started on it. First you need to know that, this feature requires NFC connectivity enabled on your Moto X 2014.

Once you choose to set up the Tap & pay feature, it will redirect you to authorize the Google Wallet, going to the tap & pay section of the settings app. The next step is to return to the Google Wallet and setup the card you want to use with tap-and-pay. While you can use a bank account to transfer the money, but you must tie a credit or debit card to Google Wallet for tap-and-pay functionality on your Moto X 2014.

Adding a card is easy, you can do that by either putting in the card number manually, or you can take a picture of your card, then it will automatically add the card number and the expiration date for you. It will also autofill your name and address depending upon the history in order to help speed up the process.

Using this function is very easy, as you need to open the Google Wallet app with your PIN and once it’s your turn, you can simply tap the phone to the reader and you will be done. However, if you have no time to open the app, just tap the device to the reader and it will prompt you to enter the PIN and ask you to tap the reader again, confirming that you in fact want to processed to pay for something with it. Though, note that this feature is only available in the selected regions as well as with selected merchants. While Google Wallet is one of the popular apps that allow this Tap and pay feature, there are dozens of interesting apps available on the Google Play Store, which makes use of the NFC for payments, and all these supported apps installed on your device will show in this section of Tap and pay.

My Moto Voice is not working, How to enable it again?

If you were not able to use the Moto Voice services on your Moto X 2014, you may have accidentally disabled the feature, as by default the feature is turned on. Don’t worry, we will guide you to enable it again. First you need to go to the settings area, and then tap on the accessibility section, which will open a list. There you will find first option to be of Moto Voice, you need to tap on it and enable it. Now you can enjoy the Moto Voice features on your device.


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