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VIDEO: Motorola’s ShatterShield Tech makes Droid Turbo 2 Phone Unbreakable



Unbreakable Droid Turbo 2

Last night Motorola announced two new smartphones, Moto Droid Turbo 2 and Droid Maxx 2 while the later would cost you around $384, and the first one would cost you whopping $624, note that these are off-contract pricing for the device. Though, there is a reason the Droid Turbo 2, the much-awaited successor to the original Droid Turbo is priced at such high price. The device is claimed to sport the world’s first shatterproof display.

The Moto ShatterShield Display is first true shatterproof screen to be present on any smartphone. The screen is guaranteed not to crack or shatter for four years. Yes, that’s right. Motorola gives 4-year shatterproof warranty on their new Droid Turbo 2 smartphone.

Moto ShatterSheild - Five Layers

To breakdown how the company achieved such technology we break it down in the most brief form possible. The Moto ShatterShield system sport five layers to ensure that in any condition the device falls, the screen won’t shatter of crack at all.

These five layers are designed to absorb any shock you through at them. The first layer from top includes Exterior Protective lens that is hard coated to guard the design against dents and abrasion. Then after that is the interior lens which is made highly transparent adds a protective shield. After that third layer comes in that is actually a Dual touch layer, which acts as the secondary touch screen in the event of damaged primary touch-sensitive layer.

The fourth layer is the AMOLED display, apart from offering stunning picture quality as we know these displays offer, Motorola claims they’re also flexible in terms of absorbing the shock. The fifth and the last part in the ShatterShield setup is the aluminum chassis for the screen that provides the structural integrity and thus make it more durable too.

To check whether the Motorola’s 5.4-inch AMOLED shatterproof display actually lives up to the claim or not, CNN put the device to a test. According to the video posted by CNNMoney on their YouTube channel, there might be some proof of that claim.

The phone suffers numerous falls from different heights to the different surfaces like sand, concrete road or during the sidewalk when you suddenly bump into someone accidentally. It got run over by the bicycle and moreover put under the horse’s hoof to test the highest of the limits. And you bet, it didn’t shatter.

In the end, you won’t have a mint condition Droid Turbo, but the screen wasn’t shattered and the display was working. What more you could ask, right! Though, it suffers from a number of dents, which is fine I guess. Unlike any other phone, you won’t have to walk into a service center every time your phone falls on the ground from a considerable height.


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