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Motorola Dragged to Court for Warranty Issues with $5 Million Class–Action Lawsuit



Motorola Droid Turbo Camera

These days every smartphone comes with some kind of warranty, as no manufacturing ensured that a smartphone will have 100% no dud guarantee. Whereas we have seen some makers go as far as offering a free insurance for the customer’s devices, where a free replacement for a cracked screen or a free handset replacement is also offered. All in the period of the warranty of the device.

That is such a case with Motorola, where brand policy claims to cover a device for the first year of its use. Under which if something goes wrong with the device, remember without the user tampering and dropping it. In that case, the company is liable to repair or replace the product for free. However, the reports popping on the internet are stating that the brand is not honoring these warranty services.

After a reddit user, Douglas Lynch posted issues he is having for replacing the cracked Moto 360 smartwatch, many users have been seen posting their experience with the Motorola products such as their smartphones. Within sometime, a consumer law firm named Girard Gibbs contacted him regarding filing a class action lawsuit against the company. And what do you know; the number of users experiencing these issues was not a few.

In Lynch’s case, Motorola sent him the leather variant of Moto 360 instead of the promised replacement of stainless steel variant. The reason company gave was that they didn’t have the similar model in stock. Needless to say, Doug wasn’t happy about it. With some customers reporting that they have also being wronged by the company’s warranty department. So, the $5 million dollars class-action lawsuit that is filed might increase as per the lawyers of the firm handling the case.

Now a Lenovo-owned company tried to seep this issue with a cheeky apology statement issues a week back. That they’ll do better. The brand was suggesting that they didn’t know they were breaking the law in the US, which is ironical since it is based out of United States.

Do you reside in the United States? Have Motorola device with? Any issue you have faced with your product? You can share that in the comments section below, which would help us understand more, whether this is something happening to limited users, or a wide-spread issue.


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