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Motorola Alert Safety App for Moto E (Moto G & Moto X later) – Information & Tips



Motorola Alert App

Along with the launch of the Moto E smartphone in the different markets, Motorola made a new app available exclusive for the users of Motorola smartphones, and it is the Motorola Alert app which is exclusive right now for the Moto E users, while the availability would be extended for the Moto G and Moto X users in the coming days.

You would always want to contact the emergency services or a known person when in some danger, but at the same time, your close ones such as friends and family would be the most worried about your whereabouts if you aren’t around or in a place you were supposed to be. The Moto Alert app does the needful here, as it does the single thing – send the message to people telling them about your location.

Motorola Alert App Motorola Alert App Emergency

There are quite a lot of such apps which when triggered by some button combination or sequence would send a message to the pre-selected list of contacts with a message and location, but the Motorola Alert doesn’t need any trigger because it periodically sends the location to the contacts which you have already selected while activating the application. To make it even better, the app would remember the remote locations where you are going on a regular basis, for example, office or school. The Motorola Alert app sends a message to the contacts when you are leaving that place, so that the close ones know how much time it normally takes to reach home, and they can be alert and quick to act if they sense any issue.

Apart from these, the user can send messages such as “I’m OK” so that the other person can understand about the status.

The features of the Motorola Alert, based on what is being said includes:

  • Meet me, Emergency and Follow me options for sending messages
  • Location status on periodic basis
  • Messages sent to pre-selected contacts
  • Sends messages when you leave a particular location
  • Triggers an Alarm and sends notifications to contacts in Emergency mode
  • The contact doesn’t need to have the Motorola Alert app
  • Says the time and location when the user leaves a particular saved location (home, office, school)

The app looks good for especially the elderly people and school going children, whose whereabouts can be tracked from time to time. For now, the app is available only for the Moto E, but one can have a look at the details on the Play Store page of this, and we expect an update for the Moto G and Moto X in the near future, where this app should get included. Keep checking the Play Store page for any updates and whether Motorola is going for a wider release later, when they find the functionality of it going good on the Moto E, where it is pre-installed right now. We will be giving a demo and the tips very soon, as soon as we get a hands-on with the new budget device from Motorola.

Motorola Alert – Google Play Store Link (codenamed Bodyguard)

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