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Hints from VP of Android confirms Nutella to be Android N Version Name



Android’s parent company, Google announced back in may that the name of the next major version of Android will be decided with the help of some public voting, where anyone can go and suggest a name. The company said it will pick a name from the votes in majority. Well the story that we have here today, tells something different. Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of Android, Chrome OS, and the Play store, is either addicted to Nutella or he’s just a crazy person tweeting about Nutella ever so often or Nutella is going to be next version of Android’s official and final name and he’s just trying to tease them through his tweets.

For instance, just look at this images below which he posted last week on his twitter account.  He has tweeted about the it more than a couple of times to imagine. If you haven’t already noticed, take a look at the Google search box behind all the other tabs here. It looks more than just an obsession. In fact, in one of his tweets he mentioned that he looked up how to spell nougat, whereas Nutella is far more easier. All this hints that the upcoming Android N will be named as Android Nutella.

These continuous streams of tweets mentioning the Italian brand product already gave us a lot of hint about the naming of the next version of the company’s software or we’re just looking at a crazy person just trolling around people for fun. But needless to say, that Google already opted a brand name for it’s software version, KitKat being the first one. And moreover, Nutella is not that bad of a name for the next Android version, if not then at least better then “New York Cheesecake”. Well, there is no official confirmation from the company on this and we cannot predict what Google may end up naming it. Let us know in the comment section about what’s your take on this and which name have you suggested for next Android version.


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