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Moonlite – A $35 Accessory brings Projector Feature to Any Smartphone




Remember that time when you were a child and your mother or someone else from the family used to sing you fairy tales at night. Those fairy tales were just words and few lines, but for us as a child that was a whole new world of imaginations. Now as the era of smartphone emerging like never before, these fairy tales are also transforming, and people are bringing something new with the help of technology.

A Kickstarter project Moonlite started by a mom Natalie Rebot, is also same and creating something new out of the basic storytelling. Moonlite is a simple projector that fits on any smartphone’s LED flashlight and projects story images on the ceiling or wall. Moonlite creates hi-tech bedtime stories for kids. It comes with an app and story reels that fit into Moonlite. The flash and reels projects images while app adds sound effects in the background.

The founder of Moonlite Natalie said,” I have a four years old daughter, and I am a pretty big reader, and she wasn’t as into reading as I like her to be. So I started trying new things and brought my smartphone one night. With the flashlight, we started doing little shadow puppets. We made up entire shadow puppet stories, and she was super into it. I liked that she started using her imagination. So I wanted this kind of idea of story telling and started looking for something like this, but didn’t found anything. I am a software engineer, so I figure this out to make an app. And then I got the first prototype of Moonlite and now it just ready for production.

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Right now, Moonlite has 20 different story reels, and Natalie said that with the new year they would have more than 50 stories on the board. Moonlite offers fairy tales stories, bedtime stories, educational stories, and custom name story. The project is live on Kickstarter with the price tag of $35 and more.By pledging $35, one will get Moonlite starter pack. It comes with one Moonlite device and two bedtime or educational story Reels. The Reels includes some of the original Moonlite titles and can be ordered according to choice. The delivery will be done on next year April anywhere in the world.

The Moonlite app supports iOS and Android. The app adds the sound effect for a true audio or visual experience. While on the other hand, Moonlite reels come with page detection software. It is encoded such that when someone turns the reel, it automatically turn the same page on the app as well which results in seamless reading experience for kids. The Moonlite app is also designed to limit the blue light emission, so it will not hurt the eyes of kids at night.


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