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Microsoft’s new App called Color Binoculars will help color blind people see the world better



If you are colorblind or have a friend who is colorblind, then you already know messy things can get. While few people enjoy the time arguing over a color with a colorblind person, on the other hand for a few people, it can be very annoying. In today’s world, over 2.7 million people are affected by colorblindness. As mentioned already, it is not a disability where you can’t see any colors, it just means some people are unable to differentiate between certain colors. They’re either not able to see red, green or blue.

And now, Microsoft has launched a new app called the Color Binoculars which is supposedly going to help people differentiate between the colors or help them see them properly. The way this app works is quite simple, it just replaces difficult color combinations with more visible ones. For instance, one of the combos which can be quite tricky to differentiate, the app changes it to pink and green. The app uses your iPhone’s camera to see through.

While the is nothing but making colors a little darker/brighter i.e. in the above case, it is simply making the red a little brighter and green darker, it is supposed to work flawlessly and help people understand the colors better. Do make a note here that the app is not claiming to fix colorblindness, it is simply going to make it more easier to distinguish. The app was launched by Tom Overton who is the company’s software engineer working on Cortana. However, he made the app as a personal side project and released it through Microsoft Garage.

[appbox appstore 1076721983]

Microsoft Garage is nothing but the company’s in-house lab for experimental apps. He stated that his cousin who is colorblind used it and enjoyed it a lot as it helped him understand better. It has been reported that the app will work all the three types of color blindness viz.

  • protanomaly, which is reduced red light sensitivity
  • deuteranomaly, which is another reduced green light sensitivity
  • And the last one is tritanomaly, which is reduced blue light sensitivity

While there are other third-party glasses available which will achieve the same result, having the app right into your app is very handy. This way you don’t have to carry a separate pair of glasses and simply use these ones which is built right into your phone as an app. Also, not only does this app lets colorblind people see the colors better, it also lets those without colorblindness experience what it is like to be a colorblind and experience the conditions in real-time. The app is available in App Store from where you can download and use it on your iPhone. As of now, no other info about the launch of in other platforms is reported. Hence, stay tuned for more info on this.


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