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The Microsoft Surface Phone is coming in 2016 – Specs & Features We Expect



Microsoft had purchased the Nokia’s handset division just last year, following which we have seen slow growth from the brand. In terms of the handsets they have been very slowly announcing devices but those are very strategically launched unlike other manufacturers who are launching devices every day. This year we had seen the launch of 950, 950xl, 550 Smart phones that have been following the designs from the Nokia’s portfolio, which does not really impress the consumers who are bored with the same designs. This year Microsoft also announced a new product in their Tablets line up i.e. the Surface Book, that actually is a tablet convertible into a full fledged laptop.

The Surface Book is an ultimate laptop that is useful for power users who need high resources while on the go. It comes with a Surface Pen that’s useful to write notes, or create art on the tablet. A product on the Surface Tablet series launched along with the Surface Pro 4 that’s also considered as a Laptop replacement. Clearly these products from Microsoft did not just impress their fans but also people who were using Mac with Windows running on it through Bootcamp because the ultimate Windows devices are now available.

From the past few months we have been hearing some rumours about the next device from Microsoft being the Surface Phone that’s targeted towards productivity & enterprise. Not just the Windows fans but we have been seeing that Microsoft fans along with the Android users are also looking forward to a device thats designed & sold by Microsoft with the design language followed from their Tablets series. These Phones would not be just targeted to the consumers considering the high end specifications, but would be to the power users who are looking to do more with their devices. Lets talk about the expectations we have from the upcoming devices we hope to be coming in early 2016 at the Mobile World Congress.

QHD Display

This year most of the flagship Smartphones we had seen had the QHD Display that came with the 2,560 x 1,440 resolution. You can take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Motorola Droid Turbo 2, Huawei Nexus 6P, etc.. On the same lines, the Surface Phone is expected to offer the best display with 2K Resolution on a 5.5″ Form Factor. The 5.5″ display size is something that most of the brands are pushing this year considering that it’s a phablet size helpful to consume more media easily.

In terms of the strength the expectation is Corning Gorilla Glass 4 that’s almost unbreakable on normal drops & damages. Considered to the toughest protection out there in the market right now, we are hoping the Redmond giant would be offering such insurance to the display on Surface phone.

Intel Inside

The Surface Phone will be using the chips supplied by Intel instead go qualcomm that has been in the news this year for the heating issues on most of the phones using the Snapdragon 810 processors. There are already speculations about the x64 chipsets being used by Microsoft in their future line up. At the BUILD developer conference this year they showcased the continuum feature on the Windows 10 phones that connects to the displays via HDMI offering you to quickly use your Phone as a PC & that helps you also run all the applications from your Phone.

Continuum Inside

This year at the recent Lumia 950 & 950 XL Launch Microsoft had launched the all new continuum dock that’s available with the latter device for free. We expect the next device to come equipped with this feature within the device itself. What a continuum dock does is that it allows your device to work as a PC when it is connected to an external monitor, or some might say it mimics the feature on the monitor and gives you the power like working on a PC. Either way, the Microsoft still have a long way to go.

During the recent flagship, Lumia launch in India, company said that they’re focusing on maintaining their existing customers more rather than hoping to add new consumers. We are not here to debate their business strategies, but would, at least, say that they should offer once such handset that is worth buying. And the only way to consumer’s heart is offering innovative technologies at their leisure. Introducing continuum feature inbuilt on the next phone, i.e. Surface Phone might be the way to do so.

Microsoft to Launch Surface Pro 4 in India in January 2016 – Satya Nadella

PureView Camera

You can keep a bet that Surface phone might pack a stellar camera regardless of the megapixel and lens rumours might quote. But if we were to address those rumors, there is nothing better than having the PureView camera back on a Windows phone. It is now known that Surface team, who is responsible for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 models are working on the next Microsoft phone. That’s why the name, Surface Phone.

We have seen Nokia handsets like 808 PureView and Lumia 1020 sporting the 41-megapixel image sensor. The PureView trademark, which now belongs to Microsoft, is the ultimate camera module that many enthusiasts have hoped the Redmond Company would bring back on its Lumia series. The long overdue Surface Phone might sport the iconic PureView, and if that’s the case, we would definitely like to test that out for a spin. There’s no doubt that recently announced Lumia 950 XL also sports a PureView camera, but it is 20MP, unlike the 41MP on the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Hands-on, First Impressions & Photo Gallery

Storage Amped Up to 128GB

We haven’t seen a Microsoft smartphone with a storage option of 128GB. If a company wants to make a mark in the smartphone industry, then they’ll have to suffice some standards are currently in trend. Many Android manufacturers have started to offer such kind of storage options while iPhone has been coming in three storage options since quite a generations now.

What we would also like in terms of storage is that company should put 64GB internal storage on its standard model. That might be sound quite brave, but it would only help the company in establishing a personality among high-end smartphones. Since, this device is slated to release in Q2 2016, we hope to see this standard would be followed by many brands.

This could be an ultimate Windows phone that many Microsoft fans are waiting for, or it just could be an ideal premium device for users who are looking to switch from other mobile platforms. Either way, if Surface Phone is anything like we have explored above, it would offer massive computing, and might make a good name for Microsoft.

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