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Microsoft Lumia Phones running Windows Phone 8 will get Windows 10 Update



Lumia Windows 10 Update

A very early talk, but this is still a big news for the Windows Phone users. You aren’t going to be betrayed this time, at least. The Windows 10 update due next year, is going to be available as an update for every Lumia smartphone that is running Windows Phone 8 OS right now.

This came in as an answer to a Twitter user’s question whether his Lumia 930 is going to get an update in the future or not.

Though this is no where an official confirmation from Microsoft, @Lumia is Microsoft’s own official channel for Lumia-related stuff. This is a rather big news because those devices running Windows Phone 7 could not be updated to Windows Phone 8, back in 2012, because of some major changes in the software kernel which deemed it not possible to update those devices that were no Windows Phone 7.

Based on those tweets, we can assume there are going to be no technical issue this time, for the switch from Windows Phone 8 to Windows 10, which is going to be a major one.

In the same tweets, other reference was to the Windows devices, where the account said the company would be launching new Windows 10 devices in the future, removing the “phones” reference from the name. This is in lines to what the company had announced, about giving the same name to the OS for all their devices.

We assume this to be for every device running Windows 8 now, and it is too early to guess about the timeframes and such for the updates. There are several people already concerned about the update for their devices from HTC and Samsung, i.e. the HTC 8X and Samsung Ativ S are the ones which don’t come under Lumia series (the latter is from Nokia, now under Microsoft), and there is no confirmation about the update on these devices. It is understandable though, with @Lumia discussing about things.

Let’s wait and watch for the follow-up on this.


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