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Microsoft Exec Accuses Apple Of Copying iPad Pro Design From Surface



Over the past couple of weeks, we saw both Apple and Microsoft launching their new tablets i.e the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro. Both the devices are sort of 2-in-1 gadgets now that the company has launched in an attempt to replace your laptops. Both these devices are targetted towards creative heads who don’t mind shedding some serious bucks in the name of productivity on the go. Whether or not they are capable of doing that is another question, but a Microsoft exec. believes that Apple has followed Microsoft’s Surface Pro and launched the iPad Pro series.

In a recent interview, General Manager for the Surface family, Ryan Gavin openly said that Apple’s iPad Pro is a clear example of the company following Microsoft’s efforts in the 2-in-1 product category. He said that they Microsoft has been learning and perfecting the 2-in-1 product category for years. He said that they were initially skeptical about the product but now Apple have followed them and the iPad Pro is a clear example of that.

On the other hand, if you think about it, in a way it certainly looks like Apple is indeed copying Microsoft here in an attempt to take over the 2-in-1 gadget market. Although the software on both the devices is completely different, they both fall under the same category where the customers are given a choice of buying either the iPad Pro or the Surface Pro. One might argue that the Microsoft’s Surface Pro is a clear winner here since the software on the Surface Pro is as close as you will get to an OS running on a laptop or a desktop. But it is not too long until Apple comes up with a similar software experience for the iPads as well and the introduction of Mac-style dock and file management optimization is a clear example of the same.

Having said that, at this point, it is hard to really predict if Apple is following Microsoft or not but certainly, both the Surface Pro and the iPad Pro are a great choice for users who are looking a 2-in-1 device to replace their laptops for basic tasks. We would also love to see some innovtion from Apple’s side when it comes to software.

Source – Business Insider


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