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Micromax Canvas A1 Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



Micromax Canvas A1

As it is known for a fact that Google has been planning to announce it budget series of handsets, partnered with Indian mobile vendors. And Last month, we witnessed the aim of Google coming true, when the Mountain View Company announced three Android One program handsets in India. Namely, the Micromax Canvas A1, Karbonn Sparkle V and the Spice Dream Uno were the three budget friendly smartphones.

Now jumping to the conclusion of this post, we have collected some of the FAQs, and useful tips and tricks about this device, after spending some time with it. And would like to share that collection with our readers. Here are some important frequently asked questions, tips, tricks and useful information for the Micromax Canvas A1 users.

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Can I move apps from phone storage to SD card?

Yes, the Micromax smartphone supports this feature, just as most of the Android phones does. Though, it faces same problem, as the large apps are not movable because of the constant increment of app data on those apps. Namely the games like Asphalt 8, which will require you to free up all available internal storage space. But you can easily move most apps and games, as there are tons of those with average memory size.

How much is the internal storage on the Micromax phone?

Micromax Canvas A1 - Phone Storage

This might be the only let down on these first set of Android One smartphones by Google. As the internal storage is not exactly the 4GB of storage space, because almost half of the storage is used by the operating system and stock apps. The users are left with 2.2GB of storage space on their Canvas A1, which can be expanded via a microSD card slot.

How to Import contacts from my SIM card or SD card to phone?

The People or Contacts app on your Android One phone allows users to import as well as export the contacts from various options like storage card or the SIM card. To do any of them, you need to go to the app first, and go to the menu options, where you will find the import/export options, tapping on it will open a list. Now select the SIM card or SD card options in order to transfer the contacts from any one medium at a time.

Does Micromax Canvas A1 have FM Radio built-in?

Yes, it is supported in the Micromax Android One phone and it is probably one of the most important feature, as the Android One buyers are mostly coming from a feature phones, and Google has thought wisely to keep this feature. While you won’t find it in the Google Nexus 5.

What are the pre-installed apps in Micromax Canvas A1?

Thankfully, you are not going to get tons of unnecessary apps on your Micromax Canvas A1. It is just those standard Google Play Services apps, as well as the Amazon, AskMe, Hike, FM Radio and the MLive app of Micromax for exclusive contents for your device.

Can I set Hindi as the default language?

Yes, you surely can set it. In order to do that, you need to go to the Settings area and then, to the Personal section, where you will find an option of Language & input and here, the first option of Language will give a big list of languages. Go towards the bottom in the list and you will see Hindi option too. Select that and give a few seconds for the change to be done. There you go, now you will see the changes immediately.

GPS uses a lot of battery. Is there anything I can do about it?

Micomax Canvas A1 - GPS Modes

Yes, but particularly if you are a travel enthusiast and likes to be on the road always, then, this little trick might save some juice for your smartphone and increase the running time. As whenever you are not using your GPS, and if it is enabled, the battery charge gets affected deeply as the GPS continuously search for the location of the device. To tweak the setting and force the Android One phone to use the mobile network or Wi-Fi, go to Settings > Personal > Location > Mode > and here select “Battery saving”.

Some apps in my phone are using a lot of memory. How to clear them?

There is always an app that literally takes so much of space on your smartphone. This is common with games and social network apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, where whatever you browse gets downloaded (images). To clear that regularly, you need go to Settings > Apps > select app (for example, Facebook) and you will be taken to the app info page, where you need to hit “Clear data”. Wherever it is possible, tap on “Move to SD card” so that at least the app gets transferred to SD, although the data is stored in the internal storage.

How to activate Google Now on my Micromax Android One phone?

Micromax Canvas A1 - Google Now

Tap and hold anywhere on the empty area of the home screen, then, you will see three options. Now select the settings option in that, and you will see Google Now turned off in the first setting of the list opened. You need to turn it ON, as it will be take you through a few pages of prompts to get you started Google Now on your Android One smartphone.

The phone vibrates on every key press. How do I turn it off?

This vibrate on touch is turned on by default on Google Keyboard. While you are typing something, in the keyboard there is a comma key (second from left in the bottom row). Hold it and you will see a wrench icon. Tap on that, and you will be taken to Google Keyboard settings. Now go to under General category, where you will find an option aptly named “Vibrate on keypress”, you need to turn that option in order to switch off the key press vibration.

Which SIM cards are supported by the Micromax Android One phone?

The SIM cards that are supported are Micro SIM cards, and the phone supports two SIM cards. Both the SIM cards support 3G connectivity.

How to set up SIM Card lock on Micromax Canvas A1?

To setup SIM card lock, you need to go to Settings > Personal > Security > SIM Card Lock and there, tap on “Set up SIM card lock”. Select the SIM for which you want to have the lock, and then tap on “Lock SIM card” and enter a PIN that you need to remember later.

Can I turn Internet hotspot ON and share my phone internet?

Micromax Canvas A1 - Data Tethering

Since, This is a pure Android stock operating system, you will find this option in the same place that it is mostly found in most Android powered Smartphone. To remind you that, go to settings area, then tap on the more option in Wireless & Networks section, which will open all the available options. There you need to select Tethering & mobile hotspot option, where you can setup your Wi-Fi hotspot, and check the Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot option in order to share the data pack of your mobile device. Note that, your mobile data should be turned on, if you want to share the internet connection of your device.

What are the sensors available on the phone?

The phone has all the basic sensors needed for the controls of functions. These include Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, Light Sensor, Gyroscope, Orientation sensor as well as Magnetic Field sensor, motion sensor, rotation vector sensor, Gravity sensor and linear acceleration sensor.

Are there LED notification lights on the Micromax Canvas A1?

Yes, there is a notification indicator LED light on the top above the display, right above the earpiece where there is a section for the light as well as for the sensors for the brightness control. Though, you cannot change the color of the green light notification that you see, as there is no option available in the display section of the device, which is where you mostly found that option.

Will the Micromax Canvas A1 phone get Android L update?

Google has promised so, and with two years of software support, the least one can expect is the update to Android L OS version, the upcoming one that was announced recently.


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