Meizu X2 Smartphone Leaked in Images, Shows A Circular Secondary Display At The Back

by Karthik Iyer 6

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu has just recently launched the new Meizu Pro 7. Well, if you didn’t know already, the Pro 7 is popular for the secondary display which it sports at the back of the device. We had covered a detailed story about it here and we suggest you read that for more info. Whether or not you like the idea of having a secondary display at the back, it looks like Meizu is going to continue doing its thing.

Yes, we now have a new leaked image which shows a Meizu smartphone with a secondary display at the back. It has been reported that this is the new Meizu X2, which is yet another upcoming smartphone launching in near future. However, taking a look at the image, you can clearly see that the secondary display which we are seeing here is circular in shape. This is more or less Meizu trying to take the same concept further, experimenting different things.

However, another thing which you can clearly notice is that it is quite small in comparison to what we got with the Meizu Pro 7. It is highly possible that the leaked image is making it appears like that, but it certainly looks very small in comparison. Well, it also could be due to the different form factor. There is no info regarding the specifics of this display. Judging by the secondary display on the Pro 7, this should also be an AMOLED display and should render useful for the exact same tasks.

And talking about the device as well, there is not a lot that is known at this point in time. It is also quite difficult to guess if this is will be a high-end device or a mid-ranged smartphone. But we hope the final device in hand will look b better than what it looks like here in this image. However, if you want to learn more about it, then we suggest you stay tuned as we hope to learn more in coming days and weeks.

Source – Slashleaks

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    Great looks by Meizu?

  • Meizu continues to offer unique and innovative devices.. ?

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    Not Personally Interest. Let See What Happens When Came In India?

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    Good attempt by meizu..Nice?

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    How much better of brand Meizu X2 Smartphone

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    might be the budget Meizu pro7 like phone!!