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Meizu MX5 Tips, Tricks, FAQs and Useful Options



Meizu MX 5 - Tips and Tricks

When smartphone companies go to war every year with their flagship phones, it sometimes gets every confusing for users who are looking for an upgrade from their older handsets. But if you’ve already selected your flagship for the year, and it is by any chance the latest offering from Meizu, the MX5. Then, you’re in for a treat here, as we show you some interesting things on MX5. Let’s start.

How to enable the Flyme style icon on the Meizu MX5?

Meizu MX 5 - Flyme Style Icon

There are many features available on the Flyme 4.5 UI of MX5, one of those is that you can change the default icons of the third party apps to look in more par with other Meizu’s Theme. Once you turn ON the feature all the third party apps you installed on the device would be changed. To enable this feature, you have to launch the Settings app first and head over to the Customize tab. Tapping on it will open few set of options, there you have to toggle the button in front of options Flyme style icons. And you’re good to go.

How to change the theme on the Meizu MX5?

Appearance is a very important factor for most of the smartphones users, and if you’re too conscious of those things, then you should know how to change the themes on your MX5. To do that you need to head over to the Settings app first and tap on the Customize tab. Now tapping on the Theme option would lead you to the dedicated theme store for the device. Though, understand that all those contents would be in Chinese language only. Remember, you need to login to the Flyme account to download free and paid apps. You can manage all the themes from here.

How to use the 4G network on both the SIM cards on Meizu MX5?

There are not many devices that offer the dual 4G capability, MX5 is one such smartphone that offers. Now if you want to use the 4G LTE networks on both the SIMs at the same time. Then, there are some simple steps that you have to follow. First you have to launch the Settings app and head over to the Dual SIM and Network tab. There in bunch of options you’ll see a Network mode, tapping on that would open few option, select the 4G both option to get 4G LTE services running on both the SIM cards at the same time.

What does the DND mode offer on the Meizu MX5?

There are times when people don’t want to get disturbed when they’re working or busy in personal work. So, if you don’t want to get disturbed on your MX5 device, then you can enable the DND mode. To enable it you have first to launch the Settings app, and head over to the Sound tab. There tapping on DND mode will open many new options, you can either manually enable the mode, or can put it on schedule to get automatically enabled when you want.

How to enable the fingerprint identification on the Meizu MX5?

Meizu MX 5 - Fingerprint Scanner

The Meizu MX5 comes packed with a fingerprint sensor on the home button, for those who don’t know how to get started with the same let me teach you. The fingerprint reader lets you unlock the phone, unencrypt apps, and documents, as well as let you pay. To start using the scanner, you have to first setup the fingerprints. To do that you have to go to Settings app and head over to Fingerprint and Security tab. There you’ll find and option to turn ON the fingerprint scanner as Unlock passcode, toggle the button and login with your Flyme credentials. Just tap on the Fingerprint management, you can add as many fingerprints, tap on Add fingerprint, and put and lift your finger repeatedly until the sensor completely scan the finger. It will notify you when it’s done scanning. Remember you can add as well as revoke the fingerprints if you don’t want anyone else to use your device. Though, it is a good way to offer accessibility to your trusted friendly and family.

How to change the color temperature of the display on Meizu MX5?

Some users like to change the brightness a lot according to the conditions while there is an auto brightness feature for that, but users sometimes still not satisfied with display output. So, there is an option here you can change the color temperature of the display. To use that featured head over to the Display tab and then tap on the Color Temperature, you will see an interface where you can move left towards more warm colors, or can move towards colder. It’s that simple.

What is the power saving modes available on the Meizu MX5?

Every smartphone should have a battery saver feature, and so does the MX5 offers the same. To enable this feature, you have to launch the Settings app and head over to the Battery tab. There you would find three modes available under the Power mode section; they are a Power-saving mode, Balance and Performance mode. You can switch between these three power modes according to your needs.

What is the Gesture wakeup feature

There are many smartphones these days that comes packed with gesture features; the MX5 has some of the interesting gesture inputs you’ll see on a smartphone. The device offers, double tap to wake, Slide upward to unlock, as well as several other features that would be useful for the operation. Moreover, there are up to eight pattern locks including letter C, M, O, S, V W and Z that would allow you to launch other apps. To enable this feature, you have to launch the Settings app and head over to the Accessibility tab and further tap on Gesture Wakeup option. You’ll see a toggle button in front of the option, enabling it would turn ON the feature.

What are SmartTouch functions on the Meizu MX5?

Meizu MX 5 - SmartTouch

This is something of a floating button, which has many operations like return, suspend and as well as close the current window, go back to the home screen, or even launch the notification drawer by sliding it down. You can change the opacity of the button as well as define that gesture should perform which operation. You can choose close or back when you click on the button, as well as there are few other operations that can be selected for other smart features in it. To enable this feature, you have to launch the Settings app and head over to the Accessibility tab and further tap on SmartTouch option. Now you’ll see the toggle button, switching it ON would turn ON the feature. That’s it.


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