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Meet ProView S3 Gimbal – An Affordable 3-Axis Stabilizer for your Smartphone



NAVIN Corporation, the company that is into design and development of the personal safety products, has launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund their latest product, a 3-Axis Stabilizer for your smartphone. If you aren’t aware of what is a 3-Axis Stabilizer, well, it’s a gimbal that holds a smartphone and is used to record shakeless cinematic shots. The ProView S3 Gimbal, is said to cost you as much as $125, which is quite an affordable pricing, considering there are very heavy priced stabilizers present in the market right.

Mostly useful to the videographers, but the market for this is small, as many videographers uses a DSLR or either big cameras to shot for their projects since not many are using their smartphones to shoot professional videos. But with smartphones shifting their focus to offering impressive camera modules, these days you can shoot a 4K Video on your smartphone. In the coming days, the 4K video will go mainstream on the handsets. And thus, this gimbal is looking to cash the market for the early adopters.

The ProView S3 promises to offer high-performance 3-axis stabilized shots, eliminating any shakiness in smartphone video recording; it can result in some great cinematic shots. This accessory for your smartphone can enable creators to tell the stories with superb video footage. With YouTube community of creators growing every day, the need for such affordable gear is rising. Thus, you can see that the campaign has already reached 90% of its goal by more than 1200 backers. With 16 days still left, the brand the $125 batch of 500 units has been sold out. Currently, you can only grab the special $140 edition, where you will get gimbal, three batteries a battery charger.

This product is specially designed to turn your 4K enabled smartphone into easy-to-use professional video capturing equipment. It is capable to hold mid-size to large-size handsets with screen size ranging from 4.7-inch to 5.7-inch, offering best in class stabilization performance. There are some handsets in the market that can shoot 4K video recording but doesn’t come with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), with this accessory those handsets can be empowered. It will be supporting handsets as large as iPhone 6s Plus, as well as the vertical and portrait shooting modes, since, iPhone uses vertical shooting capture panoramic views.

The gimbal is said to be wind resistant, that means you can expect a sturdy build quality. The adjustable mount makes it easy to position the device, with its powerful motors, dual IMU sensor, this equipment can deliver stabilized underslung shot. It has a four mode display, which allows you to change the axis; pan, tilt, roll, according to the needs. The on-button control enables you to switch ON/OFF, switch between modes, as well as manually control the horizontal and vertical angles. The joystick control promises to offer fine adjustment of camera shooting angle turning, up/down/left/right direction. The accessory is designed such as you can easily fold while the weight balance is ON. Thus, it will not require you to remove the handset from it every time you want to keep in a bag or something. It’s a great piece of hardware, you can just flaunt it in open.

Recently there were some cases, where some campaigns ditched the backers of crowdfund platforms like KickStarter as well as Indiegogo. But since then, these platforms have changed their policies. We are addressing that because you may fear this is a fake campaign. The company assures that by posting every update they do. Meanwhile, you can see the videos of the product and the sample shooting done by them. There is a stretch goal of $600K, where the company would turn this gimbal into Camera Robot, which will follow you anywhere to take video selfies. The ProView S3 is expected to ship to backers sometime in July this year.

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