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Master WhatsApp – 10 Best Tips you should know Today



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WhatsApp, the word has become synonymous with text messaging, which has been replaced with this instant messaging tool. And there are several reasons that text message is dead, the primary reason being its competition now offers free service, which was earlier charged just couple bucks. While WhatsApp is the widely used platform for instant messaging, it is slowly becoming more than just a way to chat. And the company recently activated end-to-end encryption for their more than 1 Billion active users. For your information, some Indian states such as Karnataka, Telangana, and Bihar have been using this service as a hotline to receive complaints from the citizens.

There is nothing standing between you and endless chats among your friends and family. It’s time to progress the usage beyond basics and become a master of the WhatsApp. We have listed top ten tips below that will make you a WhatsApp Wizard. As we wait for this app to feature video call and become our default app for everything related to communication, here are those tips that will turn you into a Whatsapp-ing master.

I’m ignoring someone, how can I hide if I have read their messages

We all ignore someone at some point and especially don’t like to open their messages if they’ve sent something. It was not quite ago that WhatsApp introduced the double blue ticks, which means that you’ve received and read the message. Now you can, of course, turn off the Read Receipts from Settings> Account> Privacy> Read Receipts, but that would only, however, increase suspicion of the contact messaging you that you’ve read their messages and ignoring the purposely.

What if I told, you don’t have to turn off the Read Receipts and yet can read the messages in the questionable chat without alerting the contact that you’ve read them. Here’s the trick, before you open that chat, switch to the Airplane mode on your handset (Android or iOS). Now you can open that chat and read the messages without worry of sending an alert of reading it. Make sure you’ve exited the chat before switching off the airplane mode, and it will remain unread in the eyes of the sender. Interesting, right!

I want to hide my last seen status and enjoy guilt free messaging

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You know WhatsApp has evolved a lot since its inception, and most of have seen its growth from just a basic instant messaging app to a full-fledged service. While most of its features are quite useful, just like Read Receipts, Last Seen is a feature that invades privacy and thus comes a requirement to change it. If you’re a private person or sometimes likes just to stay offline and yet want to receive messages, then switching off this feature is a solution for that. Also, you want to enjoy guilt free messaging and don’t want to showcase your last seen status on WhatsApp.

Well, it’s quite easy to do that just head over to the Settings section by tapping on the options menu. Now you’ll see a list has opened, tap on Account and later on the Privacy option in the new window. The first option is Last seen, tapping on that will open a popup menu, select to Nobody if you don’t want to showcase last seen. Unfortunately, there is no option yet to specifically hide the last seen from a contact.

I deleted a message, how can I restore it back

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Well if you’ve deleted a message it won’t magically come back because not everyone lives in Hogwarts. So, you’d have to prepare for this, because you don’t know when in future you accidentally delete a message. Let’s assume if you’ve deleted a message; particularly a chat where a friend has messaged you something important, and you want to see it back because you don’t remember it fully. Well, as we said you’d have to be prepared for such consequences. Find and head over to the Settings by tapping on the options menu. Next is go to Chat option; there you’ll see an option named Chat backup. Now open that and you’ll a new window opened, press once on the Backup button and the app will start backing up all your recent messages. This will be connected to the Google account and would be stored on the Google Drive.

You can configure to back up the messages daily, which is the recommended setting. So that if ever in future you delete an important message or the whole chat, then you’d be able to restore. But not that to restore that, you will have to uninstall the app completely and the re-install it and select restore backup while setting it up. Lesson, learned guys! Back up your chats manually or schedule for daily backup as an extreme precaution.

I want to highlight texts, So is there any way I can use bold and italics

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Yes, there is a way to use bold and italics in your WhatsApp message exchanging. I know WhatsApp is a great tool for chatting with your family and friends across the global for free, but it isn’t quite good for sensing tones of the messages. Though, fortunately, there is hidden feature that many wouldn’t know about, which allows to make your point better and help your friend understand the urgency of the messages you’ve sent. Note that you can add boldly, italics and even strike through in your messages. I would warn you that it’s not as easy writing on MS Word, where you can click corresponding buttons. You’ll have to put the specific commands around the words that you want to stand out from the rest.

To bold up, you have to put an asterisk on either side of the word/letter like *this*, while to use Italics you need to use an underscore on either side of the word, like _this_. Talking about using strikethrough, just type like ~this~. Want messages to be more attentive? Well, you can combine *_bolditalics_* instead. Isn’t that attention-grabbing thing to do, well, who are we to judge you.

I have lots of groups; I want to maintain personal sanity and mute some of them

Groups are fun when you have spare time to get talking about all the stuff. But if your cretinous friends aren’t stopping their conversations on a weekday when you have a lot of work to do. Well then, think no more, it’s time to hit the mute button and get back to the work, movie, sleep or whatever important thing you were doing. But how to do that you ask, well, it’s quite simple.

Just go into chat, whether it’s an individual or group, tap on it and you’ll see a mute icon on the top. Press on that and a new popup menu will open asking if you want to mute group for how much time. There would be three options, 8 hours, 1 week and 1 year. Choose according to your needs. Note that you should also untick the show notifications and make sure you don’t even receive any alerts for that conversation. After you are done with what you were doing, you can turn it off or let it automatically unmute according to what time you have selected.

I would like to use WhatsApp on my computer

I have always used WhatsApp for nothing more than an exchange of couple concerns with my family and friends. That’s it. I leave any work or formal conversation limited to e-mails. While there are people, who like to carry out long conversations all over the day, as well as the formal exchange of information on WhatsApp. Well, good for them since the service now supports end-to-end encryption, meaning one can share confidential information using this service without worrying it would be hacked easily. I’m talking about a better way to have those long conversation because let’s face it; it isn’t ideal to type on a smartphone when it comes to long sentence conversation. WhatsApp has a web service that offers you to access the instant messenger on your system browser.

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To use that all you have to do is go to and open the WhatsApp Web option from the menu, as the QR code needs to be scanned. Once that is done, you see all your chats on the big screen. As of now, the company has also launched desktop apps for Windows and Mac users. So, if you would like to keep web browsing separately from your WhatsApp chatting, then you should download the software for your system. Setting it up is quite similar like you did on the Web version, scan QR code and you’re good to go. This should solve the problem of typing long sentences on your smartphone because are no longer chatting on your phone.

I’m hitting my data allowance, how to save it using WhatsApp

We all worry about hitting the limit of our data caps on mobile packs while WhatsApp doesn’t take much data, it can really hit hard when you have a lot of groups. As memes are all that people share these days and downloading every image and even videos while browsing on mobile data can really increase your data bills. But remember you can save those megabytes by setting images and videos to be downloaded when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Enabling this feature is quite easy, on iOS, you can head to Settings> Data Usage where you can easily assign download methods per content type. While on Android device, it’s quite different.

Head over to the Settings in the app and then head to Data Usage, there you can find the options under Media Auto-download. Make sure that No Media is selected under When using mobile data while All media is selected When connected on Wi-Fi. You can as well select No Media while on Roaming network. Moreover, there is an option called Low data usage, if you tick the box in front of that, then WhatsApp will optimize the data usage while using calling feature as you know it takes up a lot of data too. So, now you should not hit the data allowance limit. Happy browsing!

Hiding Chats from Prying Eyes

There are large numbers of Android smartphones users who use services like AppLock to lock apps like WhatsApp and many other apps all because they don’t want prying eyes to see the private data. But as we know those AppLock apps aren’t quite secure and can easily be bypassed and thus leaving all the private data to be accessed by anyone. Well, not really, WhatsApp has its own ways to prevent chats being accessed by others. Now if you’re worried about specific chats, then you can just archive them, and they’ll not see that chat in the active Chats section. Note that you can hide all the active chat by archiving them.

We know this is not a concrete way to hide the chats, but it’s the best option you’ve got if the AppLock on your device has been bypassed. It also occasionally helps in keeping secrets like Surprise Birthday party plans that you are talking on a group, or with the individual. You can access all the archived chats by jut going to the contact or by searching the group name and then unarchive them.

Maintain Privacy on WhatsApp

Privacy is a major concern when it comes to socializing, and that’s why people want to keep their conversation, images and various personal details hidden, or restricted to only a circle of contacts. By default, anyone can add you on WhatsApp if they have your contact number that can’t be stopped. Though, you can block the user if the extreme measures need to be taken. But first, let’s talk about how you can maintain privacy if you’re not looking to broadcast your profile photos, last seen and even the status.

Well, it’s quite easy to do so, just head over to the Settings in the app by tapping on the options menu. Now tap on account and further go to Privacy option, there you’ll see three sub-menus listed that controls are last seen, profile photo and status. You can decide to hide individually from anybody, let your contacts see it or either make visible for everyone. While if you want to block any contacts, just tap on the option to block contacts and add the contacts that you want to block WhatsApp conversations.

Easily Locate Important Messages in Chats

Yes, we have all been there when we try to scroll through hundreds of message exchanges done with any individual or in a group, just to find a piece of information that was important for some reason. For instance, you were supposed to meet up your friend at a place this Sunday, and they have shared the location of the place as well in one of those messages. But that is lost among all the conversations you did over the week. So, what do you do? Well, you can only do one thing at this stage, scroll through a pile of messages and search that text saying venue of place.

Next time what you should do is star mark that specific message. It’s easy to do that just press and hold on to it, and you’ll see some options appearing on top among the detailed Read Receipts would be a star icon. Tap on it and that message will be starred. You can then access that message from the options menu going to the starred messages option. It’s quite helpful in times like that. Let those endless hours of scrolling be gone.

By now we hope you have mastered the WhatsApp and emerged as the wizard you always wanted to be. Cheers!


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