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Maru OS combines Android & Linux for a Powerful Full PC Setup you might need



We have seen a variety of different smartphone manufacturers trying to implement the idea of turning your smartphone into a fully functional PC. This very first attempt was from Motorola, where they tried something similar Atrix laptop dock. Recently even Microsoft tried something with the Continuum feature on the Windows smartphones. Well, now we may have an ultimate solution for this.

Yes, the latest attempt from Maru OS might just make it possible. Maru takes a completely different approach to this. While all the previous desktop-smartphone combos that we have seen previously, rely more or less on single OS. Whereas on the other hand, Maru OS mixes standard Android on a phone and Debian Linux on the desktop. It shares storage, processing power, and connective hardware on the phone between the two operating systems. However, they are still separate pieces of hardware.

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Also, more interestingly, the desktop and phone environments run simultaneously on the docked phone and the monitor. And a separate keyboard and mouse need to be paired via Bluetooth. But just like any other systems, this one too has its own set of a drawback. Firstly, this runs on Android Lollipop, which is two version older. Also, a hardware dock is necessary here. Without that, it will be difficult to add hardware components like external hard drive or a hard Ethernet line. And lastly, probably the biggest of all issues sis, the only Android smartphone to support this at this point is Nexus 5.

Well, all these problems can be fixed over the course of time and we do believe that’s the case. And we should see more and more upgrades to it as it an open source project. The code is now readily available on Github. So let’s hope that new developers get onboard this and make it a proper build. Stay tuned for more info on this.


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