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Man gets Stuck in Public Toilet while trying to Retrieve a Friends Phone



We all at some point had a bad day in the bathroom. But this guy had the worst possible time spent at a public toilet when he was trying to retrieve a friend’s phone that got stuck in a toilet. A Norwegian guy being a good samaritan tried to help his friend who got his phone stuck in a toilet. In that procedure, the man got stuck in a public toilet as once he went inside, he wasn’t able to come out.

The 20-years-old Cato Bentsen Larsen had no idea that his day would end up being stuck in a public toilet. The amateur diver larsen volunteered to get his friend’s phone out for him. Our phones are so precious to us that if it’s dropped inside a toilet, we will climb in to get it back.

While most of us still wouldn’t go to that extent despite our phones being precious. Except if your phone has data that isn’t uploaded on your cloud as many people these days tend to do. The Norway’s VG news reported this unfortunate incident.

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He said to reporters that “it was disgusting as hell”. Moreover adding to it, Larsen said that it was the worst thing I have ever experienced. Animals were down there too. This has made him the fear of ever entering into a toilet. He was stuck in a toilet fro over an hour. He also vomited.

It was only Firefighters came he got out of that. The rescue team had to cut open the toilet. The first lesson that we can learn from this incident is that ever jump into a public toilet. It’s never a good idea. Ever.

The second thing is that you can insure your device if it’s highly costly, as well as make sure you have a cloud backing up app installed on your device. So, that you don’t have to even think about get your hands or whole body dirty and jump into a public toilet if ever you drop your phone accidentally.


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