Malware infection rates up by 400 percent on Android Smartphones says Nokia

by Pavan Kumar B.C 3

According to the reports from Nokia, there is a 400 percent growth in the malware rates with smartphones being 85% of infected devices. Nokia has stated the same in its “Threat Intelligence Report” where the infections for the Vulnerabilities for the first and second half of 2016. It also reported that Android smartphones along with Tablets get easily attacked. This is a critical issue as most of the users are on Android and it has become a target for the attackers.

It is also said that Android most popular Operating system and also becomes most vulnerable to the attackers. The infections among the Windows PCs have fallen gradually with the increase in the smartphone usage. This latest Threat Intelligence Report also highlights significant vulnerabilities in the rapidly expanding universe of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, underscoring the need for the industry to re-evaluate its IoT deployment strategies to ensure these devices are securely configured, managed and monitored.

Nokia also proposed network-based security solutions to quell this issue. iOS based devices also faced these attacks in the latter half of the year, primarily by surveillance software from Spyphone which tracks the user’s text messages, calls, and also other social networking applications along with the GPS locations. The malware attacks on Windows/PC systems have reduced to 15 percent in the second half of 2016 from 22 percent.

Moreover, the infection rate for residential fixed broadband networks averaged 10.7 percent o a monthly basis in the second half of 2016 which has gone down from 12 from the first half. According to the findings, the high-levels threats like rootkits, keyloggers, bots, etc. maintained a steady six percent. Which smartphone do you use? Did you install an antivirus on your device? On which operating system does it run? Stay tuned to PhoneRadar and comment in the section below if you have more queries on the same.

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