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Ludo Zenith Game Review – An Upgraded Ludo with 3D Arenas, Characters & More



Recently, a new free-to-play game Ludo Zenith became available for Android devices on the Google Play Store. Japanese mega game publisher Square Enix produced Ludo Zenith in partnership with India-based developer JetSynthesys. For those unaware, Square Enix is the publisher of several world-famous games, including Final Fantasy, Marvel’s Avengers, Tomb Raider, Dragon Quest, and Just Cause. On the other hand, JetSynthesys is the maker of the popular Sachin Cricket Saga game. The company has recently acquired Nautilus, the developer of the Real Cricket franchise.

Ludo Zenith is a new take on the popular strategy board game – Ludo. While the game was released on 15th March on the App Store for iOS users, here’s our review of the Android version of Ludo Zenith, which was released on 18th February.

We tried this game out by searching for “Ludo Zenith” on the Google Play Store and installing it. As of today, we can see that Ludo Zenith has over 100,000+ installs with a 4.3 star rating.

How to install Ludo Zenith on an Android smartphone:

  • Open the Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the “Search for apps & games” bar at the top.
  • Search for Ludo Zenith.
  • Tap on “Install” to download and install the game (game size – 70MB).

When we opened the game for the first time, the game asked us to choose our city. Later in the game, we found a section where they display our City Ranking, which gave us a sense of competition and motivation within our locality.

In terms of gameplay, Ludo Zenith makes playing Ludo very interesting. First off, it’s an online 2-player game as opposed to the classic 4-player way of playing. This aspect makes this game as exciting as a few other PvP (Player vs. Player) games. The graphics are colourful and very attractive.

This game might even become addictive if you are one of those board game lovers. Unlike many other Ludo games available on the Google Play Store, Ludo Zenith takes a completely different approach with 3D arenas and characters with special superpowers.

The colourful 3D arenas, where the board and characters (pegs) are placed, come into its full elements when users change the angle of view or zoom in/zoom out during the game. To move back to the default view, just tap once on the camera icon.

Initially, the game offers three different characters (pegs) to choose from. Rabbit has the ability to move double the outcome of the dice. Turtle can shield itself from enemy attacks. Finally, there is Rhino, which can capture all the enemies in its way. Users can take advantage of these superpowers only when the character’s energy is full. The characters’ energy bar is filled up by Energy Dice, which gives some energy to either one of the two players when the dice is rolled every time.

Just before starting the game, users can also pick a Special Dice, which they can roll only three times during a match. There are currently four Special Dice available, and all of them have numbers higher than 6, which is another new concept that Ludo Zenith is introducing. While some of the Special Dice can be purchased by in-app currency, users can also claim a Special Dice by watching an ad.

Since this is a freemium game, there are several other sections where you will see ads, purchasing with in-app currency, and in-app purchases with real money. In-app purchase is mainly for buying the in-app currency (coins) and prices range from Rs. 10 to Rs. 3,999, but do note that you will not be forced to make any purchases. The in-app currency (coins) are used to enter some of the higher-rank Arenas and purchasing Special Dice. You can earn them for free by logging into the game daily, winning a match, or watching an ad to get bonus. The game also requires one life to enter a match, which you’ll lose if you lose a match. Once the three lives are finished, you’ll need to watch an ad to get one life, or wait until the next day to get 3 lives as daily login bonus. Each game will give users experience points to increase their level, upon which they will also get reward items like coins. The starter pack, which currently costs only Rs. 89, comes with 5 Special Dice, 2,500 coins, and an ad-free experience for 30 days.

Apart from playing with strangers, the game also allows you to play with your friends by a code-sharing system, which works simply. You can host a game by sharing the code which the game gives you, to your friend. To join a game which your friend is hosting, you can tap on the “Play with friend” section of the game, enter the six-character code and tap on “JOIN GAME”. Another way to connect with your friends is to link your Facebook account with the game. This will allow you to save your progress and check your friends’ progress on the leaderboard.

The game comes with a unique leaderboard system featuring 6 ranks, which are Training, D, C, B, A and S. While the Training rank consists of ten subsections, all the other ranks have three sub-levels. Upon advancing your rank, you can unlock a new arena to play in. Complete details of the various types of rankings, analytics and past match details are available by tapping on “Player Profile” at the top of the Home Screen.

In the settings menu, users can turn on/off the music and SFX. While the game is set for right-handed users by default, there is an option to change it to left-handed mode, where the dice will be moved from the bottom right corner to the bottom left corner when playing a match.

Users can change their player tags by going to the Player Tag section of the game. Player tags are unlocked by achieving goals inside the game as well as outside. You can pick one player tag to wear out of all the player tags you have unlocked so far. Your player tag will be displayed along with your username, rank, city and win rate, just before a match.

Install now: Ludo Zenith

With all these features, Ludo Zenith is undoubtedly an action-packed board game. Since the game is rated for ages 3+, it is safer for kids to play, though it is not specially designed for them.

After having tried out several board games available in the Google Play Store, Ludo Zenith with the 3D arenas, characters, and many more unique features, clearly stands out from the rest.


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