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LG’s Mobile Payment System dubbed as LG Pay delayed to 2017



Mobile payment systems are still a work in progress in many countries as it is not officially launched yet. But we do believe that it will change eventually as more and more companies are getting on board and are now developing their own payment system. And LG is also included in that. It’s been a year since LG we saw some reports about this. Yes, has been working on its own mobile payment system. Well, now it looks like people who are expecting them to roll out soon will have to wait a bit longer. The company’s mobile payment system which was supposed to debut along with the company’s latest flagship i.e. the LG V20 has now being pushed back to 2017.

Xiaomi Mi Pay Mobile Payment System Launched in China

It is reported that the delay is caused due to some issues which were encountered during the development process. If you are not aware of this, LG’s payment system is mostly integrated with the White Card. This white card is essentially a smart card that stores info about multiple credit and debit cards and connects to your phone. The connection to your smartphone is established via NFC and it will allow you to manage everything via an application. The white card is what interfaces with the terminals whereas the phone will interact with the card over NFC.

But now, they are now facing issues during the development and it looks like LG has not yet filed for regulatory approval of the system. Hence, the launch of the same has now been pushed to next year. We don’t have an exact date as to when it will be launched, but we are expecting that to happen early next year maybe along with the launch of the new G6 smartphone around MWC 2017. Meanwhile we do suggest you take this info with a pinch of salt as we don’t have any confirmation on this. So stay tuned for more on this.


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