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LG V30 Smartphone To Have iPhone Like Taptic Engine Called TouchSense Technology



LG‘s V30 smartphone is turning out to be a great smartphone altogether. So far, the rumors are suggesting that it will be a perfect mix of great hardware and software to go along. Yesterday, we had also reported about how the company has introduced new UI elements, just for this smartphone, to allow the users to take maximum advantage of the smartphone. Now, we have some really interesting info about the smartphone.

According to the new report which we have, it looks like the V30 smartphone will smartphone will have an iPhone like Taptic engine called the TouchSense technology. For those of you who don’t know, the Taptic engine is a vibration motor which gives real-time feedback to the user, based on the action taken on the screen and this has been a part of the iPhone family since the iPhone 6s. We are not sure how good this new TouchSense technology will actually be, but from what we have heard, it does sound like a great addition.

We all know that Android smartphones never really had a good vibration motor inside them and also, it is worth noting that Android particularly has been very poor in putting a vibration motor to a good use. However, it looks like LG is taking this to a next level as well. It looks like the entire UI on the V30 will take advantage of this new TouchSense technology, giving really good feedback to the users.

For instance, it has been reported that the camera app will also use this new technology and reward the users with great feedback. When a user will tap the shutter button, the V30’s screen will apparently behave like a DSLR’s shutter click. Not just that, even adjusting other camera settings in manual mode will make the users feel as if they are turning the knob on a DSLR camera to change the settings.

Similarly, it has been reported that the whole LG V30 UI will include elements like this. Even while dismissing the notifications and swiping through the home screens will also give haptic feedback. All this certainly sounds very intriguing, however, we hope they don’t overdo it in any way. Also, we hope the battery won’t take a hit due to this. Having said that, we would like to know your thoughts on this. What do you think about this new TouchSense technology in the upcoming LG V30 smartphone? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this.

Via – 9to5Google


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