LG V20 Fails the Drop Test with Display Shattering after a front face drop – Video

by Karthik Iyer 5

LG launched their latest flagship device, V20 at an event today in San Franciso. The device packs some serious specs and has some of the best features of a smartphone. It comes with a dual display on the front just like the predecessor V10 and this one also has a dual camera on the back. The device looks pretty good and the back looks more like the LG G5 launched previously with that same looking dual camera setup.

Well, the first thing to look into a smartphone for many people is how strong the device is and how well built it is. Looking at the V20 construction, it looks very strong. And in terms of build, it is made out of military grade components and even when you remove that back cover, it looks to be quite sturdy. But hey, what good is it, if the device is not put through a drop test, right? Well, that’s exactly what the Android Authority did and see got to see some very interesting result.

Starting off, when the device was dropped on its back, the back cover was detached and the battery came out. But the device was still functioning and it didn’t have any issues with this drop. Further dropping more on it’s back, the back cover popped out again, but the device was still in good shape. But when it was dropped on straight on the display a couple of times, things started falling apart. The beautiful 5.7-inch display shattered completely, leaving spider-web cracks on the display. So we are left with a rather surprising result that the device actually shattered with the drop test.

The V10 survived a couple of them previously, so this is definitely interesting. Take a look at the video below for the full drop test of the LG V20 and decide for yourself if you really want to buy it or not. With that being said, for most of the part, the device did well on the test, but sadly the display couldn’t take much of a beating. If you want to know more about the device, then stay tuned to Phone Radar as we will update more details about the device like this.

Karthik Iyer

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  • Poor V20! got a cruel owner!! 🙁

  • Vishal Giri

    not expected this from V10’s successor!!!

  • mind your own

    sorry to say but this review is a bit silly if not lame. which phone will ever endure what this phone went through? i guess that somehow i didn’t get enough info about this LG’s device,but i fail to believe that they said that their phone will endure each fall without the crack on the screen. and even on that case the screen cracked but still the device worked perfectly. what are you trying to gain with this piece of crap you have written. this phone endured the fall and from how things look it took the fall better than nearly almost any flagship out there is.

    • shwnr11

      Their trying to prove even an amateur writer can botch the full truth and make it seem real.

  • shwnr11

    Chump change article.
    If I’m not mistaken, the military rating is from a 3 foot drop.

    Which the V20 did survive 3 feet face down.

    Writer, can I dunk the iphone and Samsung into 50 feet of water and say they failed a water test?

    If your going to write something, write full facts. Thus is the kind of amateur writing that really writers are complaining about.