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LG G3 Vs LG G2 – How LG changed the Interface (15 Major Differences)



LG G3 vs LG G2

The LG G2 was one of the best attempts from the company last year to see the sales booming with quite a lot of new stuff included, both externally and internally. While the new G3, this year’s flagship doesn’t have much difference externally except for the display size and resolution, there are a lot of changes in the interface although the Android 4.4.2 OS version it runs, has been sent as an update to the LG G2 devices too. We tried to see what are the major changes one can notice in the interface of the two devices, LG G3 and LG G2. Read after the break, for the entire list.

LG G3 vs LG G2

1. Larger and better, circular icons in the quick settings menu when you pull down the notification panel. Earlier, it was the rectangular boxes which didn’t look bad either, but the new ones look cool, giving it a different approach.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 Notification panel 1

2. In the Settings area we can see the new option called the coloring for setting up sound source of coloring.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 coloring 2

3. In the General settings you can find a new option called the Shortcut Key that will give you the accesses to the apps directly by just holding the Volume keys.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 Shortcut key 3

4. Default messaging app has been added in the settings.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 default message app 4

5. For cleaning some apps and the temporary files that are on your device, Smart cleaning has been added that will be used to free up some space in the LG G3. This option can be found in the setting area.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 smart cleaning 5

6. Dual Window feature is being added to the settings area of LG G3 wherein you can touch and hold the back button to use two different apps at the same time.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 dual window 6

7. You can find a small tweak in the camera front as the touch buttons have been hidden in G3.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 camera icons 7

8. LG has added a multi-tasking button to its flagship device that will let you to open the multi-tasking tray directly instead of holding the home button.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 multi tasking 8

9. From the settings we can see new options like the QMemo+, Qslide and Dual window options that can be added to the home touch buttons list.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 button combination 9

10. The LED notification is used to notify us whenever we have an notifications and the LG G2 supported this led notifications for alarm as well as calendar but this is absent in the LG G3.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 LED notifications 10

11. In the dialer application we can many changes like the addition of the Qslide, removal of Vu Guide, the message icon that was to the left has been moved to the right of the contacts.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 dialer 11

12. The layout of the Keyboard has been change and the LG G3 layout look more eye pleasing and is also easy to use.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 keyboard 12

13. The Gallery app also been changes and in G3 we need to swipe to the left to find the Albums, Videos and service options, but in G2 it was all shown in one page.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 Gallary 13

14. The default Music player app that that we found on the G2 has been customised and the options like shuffle, repeat has been moved to below in the LG G3.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 music player 14

15. Content Lock is a new feature that has been to the Security section where you can lock the file in your Gallery also so that no one accesses it.

LG G3 Vs LG G2 content lock 15

These are some of the major difference that we can find on LG G3 from G2. Apart from these there are many other differences that you can easily notice in the when you use the G3. Starting with the Lock Screen, you can see the icons been changed a lot and looks beautiful when compared to LG G2. The icon has been made bigger on the flagship device and even the Fonts are changed on the Interface and in most of the settings. The toggle buttons place has been changed and also the default task manager widget has been removed on the LG G3.

In the app drawer section, you can find separate folders for Google, Tips and Utility and the LG health has been added on the home screen. More importantly the Icon tray has been tweaked with beautiful circular design and in LG G3 you also have the option of changing the home launcher directly from the settings.

The calendar app has been customised and it can also be synced with the Google calendar. The PC connection option that was present in G2 has been removed from the settings. In the screen options the Gestures options have also been removed from the G3.

There are some other unnoticeable changes which just enhance the user experience in the new smartphone, and some are because of the larger screen in the LG G3.


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