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LG G3 Box

With one of the unique designs, LG had launched the LG G3 recently and its out in the market. Unique design – for the reason that LG is the only brand which has opted to have the physical function buttons on the back rather than on the sides. But at least better than G2, this device has the buttons flattened so that the impact doesn’t fall on these buttons when you place the phone flat on any surface. Check out the photo gallery of the LG G3 below.

The front has a narrow bezel around the display, and the bottom has the LG branding, while the sensors come alongside the selfie camera on the top.

The back is made from Polycarbonate and it has a metallic finish, just for the looks but there is nothing really metallic. It extends to the half of the side and its curved and narrowing from the center to the sides.

The buttons are flat, and placed just below the camera lens. On the right side of the camera lens, there is the Dual LED flash and on the left, the Laser Autofocus.

The bottom has the speaker alongside the LG branding, and it looks neat and less clutter, thanks to the wide space given with no much logos and stuff. Although a 5.5-inch screen, LG has tried to make it not very huge, by attempting to use less space above and below the screen for whatever inclusions are needed.

The back cover is removable, and that would show the slots for the cards and the battery, which can be pulled out easily.

The viewing from side too shows the content pretty well, and it is quite bright even under the sunlight.

Want to know our views about the LG G3? check out the LG G3 hands-0n to check out how we feel about the LG’s 2014 flagship on the initial usage. The review of LG G3 would be up soon.

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  • Joshua Akinsola

    hands down the g3 is one of the best designs of 2014. Phones like the lg brought lg record breaking sales figures so it was definitely a good year.

  • Android

    Looking at the design of the phone it seems very impressive and at the fact that their backplate is actually plastic but they made it look like metal thst was a very smart idea and LG Really got us there. The images look amazing of the G3 and it looks like LG did their homework and this is a device that has the best designs of the year. Also the device has key features like the floating arc design and the metal ring it has around the device. The device also has a quad hd display and it is the first major company to do so. Really great device LG has produced!!