Lenovo A7000 Gets Official Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update in India

by Vishal Toshiwal 25

Lenovo A7000 Review

Lenovo, the Chinese smartphone maker has started to roll out Android 6.0 Marshmallow update to its mid-range handset, the A7000, in India. The brand is rolling out major software update via OTA (Over-the-Air). So, A7000 users in the country prepare to get Marshmallow love on your device.

The update on the Phone also covers the Android security patch level that was released in March this year. Its welcoming that Lenovo has pushed this update to their users post the K3 Note that has recently received the same update. The complete size of this package is 1359 MB and it is recommended to the users to have at least 2GB of free space on their device before downloading the package.

Lenovo A7000 - Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Do make a note that since there are chances of data loss, you should always backup all your private & sensitive information to the cloud or offline that can be restored later.

We would also like to mention that since the Android 6.0 allows you to install applications on your SD Card, you need to backup all your SD Card data prior to the update. All the applications and the data might get lost according to the change log and you need to back up the important data.

Vishal Toshiwal

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  • Vaibhav Shankar

    Most of the apps are not working after updating the android to 6.0! Please help!?

    • Most of the apps need to be updated to a Marshmallow(6.0) version. Check play store for updates. But still I would suggest a factory reset will make the experience smoother.

    • Omar Abdul Aziz

      U need to put the app on the memory card . press on the app hard u will find remove or information chhose information then u will find many options choose the first option then put it into the sd card

      • thiyaga

        bro… i cant find any option to move app to sd card… what to do?

  • ande srinu

    The contact manager is not working after update the Android 6.0, the contacts are not displaying even to add new contacts is also not working please help…

  • Ganesh Kumar

    The contact manager is not working after update to Andriod 6.0, Please anybody help.

    • do a complete factory reset .

  • basha Mohammed

    battery is not charging after the update……what to do plz help

  • Taushif

    I have been trying to download the upgrade, however it is not downloaded! It got stuck at 0%! What should I do? Thanks

    • Bhupen Kulkarni

      i am also suffirng from the same problem
      so many times it got cancled while downloading.. after that it starts from 0 again….
      so need solution

      • Bhupen Kulkarni

        is there any other way that we can download externally and install it on mobile…..


    successfully updated but facebook app is not working and other several apps also

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  • Swapnil

    I had wipe all my data, then done the Factory reset, but still it’s not updating. Says low space. I’m unable to update to 6. Any solution?

  • Bhaskar Biswas

    I can’t update it to marshmallow. Ridiculously it is downloading more than 100%.
    How can I solve this? Pls answer.

    • Swapnil

      Hi Bhaskar,
      Same issue with my phone also…

  • Bhaskar Biswas

    Sharing my screenshot.

  • Manoranjan Singh

    upgraded to 6.0 bur some aps are not working, can anyone help me out

  • Rohit Jaiswar

    Hi diz is Rohit Jaiswar I’m using lenovo a7000 but after updated 6.0 Marshmallow my phone gets little bit laagy some times and apps also not performing well …. So I think we should gets 6.0.1 officially update for clear diz buggy …

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  • Tony Tamil

    I am update on WiFi .but not working by USB debugging… Solution please