Leaked renders of the Upcoming mid-ranged smartphone LG LV5 surfaces online

by Karthik Iyer 6

LG just launched the LG V20 smartphone last month, and as we all know, it is currently the company’s flagship offering. It sports all the latest and the greatest specs which are currently available on the market and yes, not to the forget the fact that it runs Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. Well, this smartphone is of course not priced on the lower side, which leaves the company with not many options for the consumers looking for budget smartphones in the market. But now it looks like LG has decided to step up and come with something new here.

Not much info is available about this alleged new smartphone, but it is likely to be named as LG LV5 smartphone. This smartphone has been spotted in the leaked renders, which gives quite good first looks on the device itself. So check out the image and decide for yourself. Well, looking at the render, it looks like it will sport a removable back which will be made out of polycarbonate material. However, we have to wait and see if the battery will be user replaceable. And as far as the design of the device is concerned, it is sporting a curved edge design on both the front and the back. The edges are also more rounded, giving it a nice look.

As mentioned earlier, we don’t have much info about the specs of the device as of now. Also predicting about the specific features is also not possible at all. But looking at the renders, it can be confirmed that it will sport a LED Flash below the camera sensor. And it will also have a fingerprint scanner at the back along with the speaker grill at the bottom of the device. And if the fingerprint scanner doubles as a power button, it will not be surprising at all since it is coming from a manufacturer who adopted that first. So, if you are waiting in the market for a mid-ranged smartphone, and if this new alleged device from the company interests you, then we suggest you to stick around for some time.

We will definitely get to know more about the device in coming weeks and we will update the story accordingly once we have more details. But if you want more of a premium smartphone from the company, then as mentioned earlier, you can go for either the LG G5 or the LG V20. Do make a note that the LG V20 is not yet released in India, so you might have to wait for that one. But it looks like it is going to be a great smartphone since it packs some very good hardware. It will surely outperform the existing flagship LG G5 and it also has a more practical design as well. Yes, practical because it al least lets you remove the back and put an SD card without killing the device instantly.

Note – The featured image displayed is of LG K7 smartphone.

Karthik Iyer

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  • Nebu Cherian

    LG needs to come up with some really good specced device at lower price to grab the mid range market….we have got some excellent devices in the mid range

    • I agree! 🙂 LG ‘d be a good option than many others..

    • Rce

      Absolutely,and i feel LG’s software support is better than Samsung..

  • Vishal Giri

    at least it looks better than the budget devices they launched earlier!!

  • Vishal Giri

    but why bother considering LG’s reputation, a device with a fingerprint scanner and midrange specs isn’t gonna cost less than 16k in India…

  • Rohit Kavathekar

    Looks like Lg take some old steps of Candy Bar form factor or design in its latest mid ranged LG V5 smartphone.
    Let’s see what happened next? people love it or not?
    waiting to know detailed spec’s of the device.