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Latest WhatsApp Update brings Emojis, Text Writing, Drawing Live on Captured Photos



WhatsApp Image Drawing

WhatApp has been in the news in the recent times for a few good and a few bad reasons. Referring to the good ones they had introduced the new GIF Sending Feature, Siri Controlling WhatsApp to make Calls & also the WhatsApp Voicemail Feature. Referring to the bad reason it was the privacy issue where your details would be shared with businesses though you could opt out from the same. Today, a new beta version (2.16.263) of the app has been released that’s supposedly going to offer a few new features.

The newest update brings 3 new features beginning with the Larger Emojis that you can select from a whole bunch of them and add it as an overlay over a photo. This same feature was introduced with the Whatsapp for iPhones last month. Apart from this you can directly write on a photo or add text with different colour options. Followed are a few screenshots that demonstrate the results of the same that we had tested. With the 2.16.262 update, all of these new options worked when you capture a new photo and but with the 2.16.263, you can also write or draw on the earlier captured/downloaded images.

If you are interested in trying these new features, you can Download WhatsApp Apk onto your phone & give it a try.

Earlier: Facebook’s instant messaging app, Whatsapp has introduced quite a few new features. The company has introduced the usage of bold, italics, and strikethrough text in the android, iOS, and web app. Now the latest beta version (2.12.535) of Whatsapp packed a new font which can be used by adding three backticks (`) at the beginning and end of the message. The users can reply in the chat or just to the particular message using this new font.

Though there is no much change in the font, it adds more space between every letter in the message. Adding emoji in between the backtick will not bring any change to it. The users can also get their hands on the newest features even before the public update by using the beta apps, but this advantage comes with other bugs as it is not the public update. To get the latest beta updates via Play Store, the users need to register as a Tester.

Once the user is signed up as Tester, Whatsapp will be shown in the Beta section in the “My apps & games” menu in the Play Store. The rumoured video calling option is yet to be made available while the voice calling is introduced in early 2015.


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