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Kidnapped Teenage Girl Tracked and Rescued Via Snapchat



A 14-year-old girl who was drugged and kidnapped was rescued by police this week and all thanks to Snapchat. The girl used Snapchat to alert her friends about her abduction and the California teen was tracked using this application and get her location. The girl was held in Northern California and she used her snapchat to share her location with her friends who then called 911 for reaching her.

The girl was drugged by a 55-year-old male called Albert Vasquez who later abducted her. Furthermore, he also called two other suspects who then put the incapacitated teen in their vehicle. Then the girl was taken to a motel and harassed her sexually, police said. The girl was taken to a motel in San Jose where she was carried to a room on the second floor.

At the hotel, the girl used the Snapchat app from her phone to intimate her friends that she has been kidnapped but the had no idea where she was. Later her friends determined her location via the app and called 911 to help her. When the police reached the location, Vasquez was leaving the motel room with the girl inside.

He was arrested on the charges of kidnapping to commit rape, digital penetration with a child under 14 with force, false imprisonment, lewd act with a child and rape by intoxication or controlled substance. There were two other men named Salvador and Avarenga who were also arrested on charges of kidnapping and conspiracy.

Snapchat is a widely used social media application that is used to communicate with others and share videos and pictures similar to Instagram. The 14-year girl was clever enough to share her location with her friends to share her location and taking the help of the thing available which is very much important. Comment in the section below and stay tuned too PhoneRadar for more.


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