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Jawbone UP Band not Charging – Problem & Solutions



Jawbone Up Charger

Jawbone Up fitness Band is a great device to track all your daily workouts and activity and is being used by many for its great app interface and also the accurate activity and sleep tracking. The Battery life of Jawbone UP as mentioned by Jawbone is ten days with a full charge and in case you are getting lesser battery life, then, makes sure you check these tricks out and try them to get the best of your battery.

The Jawbone Up will let you know when the battery is very low by flashing the Red Sun Status light three times. And the Purple or Orange lights are displayed five times with decreasing intensity and the band Vibrated twice letting you know of the decreasing charging of your device battery.

The device battery is affected by some reasons like charging your device using a wall mounted adapter instead of the suggested USB charging, increased use of alarms or Alerts. So if you are doing any one of these, there might cause the device battery life to decrease considerably.

Possible Solutions for Jawbone UP slow charging:

Charging Cord connection: Improper connection of the charging cord or cable to the USB port can be a cause for slow charging. So always make sure that the USB port to your device and to the Laptop or PC is connected properly.

Change the USB port: Try changing the USB port and charge in a different port to see if the charging is improving and if it is the same then you have to try other tricks mentioned below.

Soft Reset the Jawbone Up: Soft resetting your Jawbone Up can be a solution if the above tricks are not working. It is similar to restarting your device where the data and memory of the device will not be affected. Check this to know How to Soft Reset your Jawbone Up device.

Hard Reset the Jawbone Up: Hard Reset should be done as a last resort as this will Reset your Jawbone Up device to Factory settings and all your data stored will be lost. So before you go for Hard Reset make sure that you Sync all your data and Backup your device. Check this to know How to Hard Reset your Jawbone Up device.

These are not the final solutions. Thus, you have to give each one of it a try before moving to the next one. If none of the solutions worked for your band, it’s better to get it checked with the manufacturer for any physical issue with the Jawbone Up.


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