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Japan Display Inc. to Mass Produce 6″ Bezel-less Displays with 18:9 Aspect Ratio



Bezel-less displays are something which we have been seeing a lot lately in the market. Almost each and every manufacturer wants to launch a smartphone with a bezel-less display which puts the display manufacturers in a tough situation wherein the demand is skyrocketing. However, the Japan Display Inc. (JDI) seems to have it under control as they have just announced that they are ready to mass produce these bezel-less displays.

JDI announced that they are ready to enter the mass production of their new 18:9 aspect ratio displays. The company is calling it the “Full Active” LCD display. These displays will have a resolution of 1440 x 2560, making them perfect for the upcoming smartphones in the market. According to JDI, they have used a new high-density wiring, which allows them in keeping the bottom bezels just as thin as the other three sides. This is the major key here since most of the other displays which are in the market often have a huge chin.

These displays also come with the second-generation Pixel Eyes technology which will allow for deeper blacks. However, it remains to be seen if the blacks on this LCD panel will be anywhere close to the ones found on the AMOLED panels. JDI also emphasized the fact that users will be able to use this with wet fingers also. Now, this might not sound like a deal breaker, however, it is essential now since the majority of the smartphones that are coming out in the market seems to be dust and water resistant.

As far as the availability of this panel is concerned, it should be available soon to the OEMs to use this on their smartphones. Sony is known to have used display panels from JDI and hence don’t be surprised if you end up seeing some bezel-less smartphones from Sony in the near future. Also, considering how popular the 18:9 aspect ratio display panels are, we might end up seeing more OEMs buying them and implementing on their smartphones as well.

If you haven’t experienced these 18:9 aspect ratio panels, then you should check out LG‘s G6 or Samsung’s Galaxy S8 as they have similar aspect ratios. It allows for a completely different media consumption experience.

Source – JDI


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