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iSwimband is the First Wearable Drowning Detection System at CES – Details



Wahoo iSwimband

It has been known for a fact that drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death of children under 18 in the US and is in fact, the number one cause of accidental death of children in 18 states. Amazingly, 88% of drownings occur with some type of supervision present, meaning that most of them should have been preventable.

Wahoo iSwimband

But a company named Aquatic Safety Concepts of three founders who are happen to be fathers came to in realization of need for a device that can help prevent these fatalities. There product called iSwimband is a band that kids or swimmers can wear around their heads. Through the use of Bluetooth connectivity, it will basically inform the user’s phone if the wearer has been submerged for a little too long.

The companion app will allow users to determine how long is “too long”, so if you know that your kids have habit of staying around pool to cool out in summer, then maybe you should set the timer to be a little longer so you won’t have a mini heart attack every time it goes off.

The head band might be pretty dorky looking, but then again being alive is much better than being appearing cool, right? The device is already available in many states including the Texas and Arizona. But this year company has made it much better looking with new clip on attachment, new colors, new comfort silicon bands for both headband and wrist band, new Android app, as well as multi language apps in Spanish and French.

This year company plans to start selling their headbands via major retail outlets and online stores like Amazon and, Toys “R” Us, and many more. It will retail at a price tag of $150. Be sure to get these for your kids and make yourself worry little less.

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