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Get iPhone Notifications over Bluetooth with Ringly – The Smart Ring



Ringly Smart Ring

Ringly is a new kind of wearable tech specifically design to be used by women, it is a new connected smart ring that connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth LE (low energy), and it lights up and buzz whenever you have received any notifications, may it be a call, message, email or any other app notifications. The tiny wearable is available to pre-order in four different stones, Black Onyx, Pink Sapphire, Rainbow Moontsone and Emerald for a price tag of $145, as this is an early discount, later it will retail at $195.

Ringly Smart RingIt is literally a handy tech that is aimed for women as it is designed with a touch of jewelry feel on your finger. The ring notifies you about a notification alert while your phone is put away from you or either it’s in a bag. It has a three day long lasting battery backup on a full charge, which is accompanied by a beautiful iPhone app delivering notifications to the Ringly.

The ring is made from semi-precious stones that are set with a gold plated metal, giving it a feminine and stylish look. Underneath this tiny wearable tech, there is a light, motor, battery and an accelerometer running with the help of Bluetooth LE support. Currently, the app only allows Ringly users to see a notification alert, but it may be the key to its success, as users these days are alarmed with their addiction of being always connected. There is phobia related to this situation called Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), where a person has social anxiety of missing out on latest updates from their friends families or in general with the world. But this compulsive checking for status updates and messages creates a fear of missing out an opportunity, apparently leading you to be always active and take no rest for brain. But Ringly might a way in to solve this issue created in a modern connected society.

Christina Mercando, Founder & CEO of Ringly, told to Wired magazine that,”The angle of this is totally something that helps you disconnect is misleading because it does notify you when things are happening and then you want to go and check. It’s (Ringly) helping people not worry so much about their technology and not have so much anxiety around it.” And if this is where company wants to focus its future, then it might be on a right track. Though, that’s not it, the company also hinted about adding features like gesture controls, mobile payments, and unlocking the doors via ring in the future. But its primary focus will remain in the area of notification alerts as Ringly looks forward into the future.

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