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iPhone is not the Best Phone Americans Love [Guess which one is..]



iPhone is not the Best Phone Americans Love

The smartphone usage across the world has been increasing at quite a pace, and mobile brands compete with each other every year by presenting their flagship devices. For most users around the world, it matters to upgrade their smartphones every year while many users also like to stick to their current smartphone for at least one more year. And when we take the case of smartphone usage in countries like America, the citizens of the country likes to upgrade their smartphones every year, mostly because to try out the new feature and see how it would perform in day-to-day usage.

But when we talk about which device has been most popular and purchase by the Americans this year, you’d be surprised to know that it’s not an iPhone. Now that iPhone also fall into the category of the phablet with the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus last year. We are stating the facts because it is important to know that an independent national study conducted by American Customer Satisfaction Index for the top three smartphones phablets, devices having 5.5-inch or larger screen size.

The study conducted revealed that Samsung’s 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 4 offers the best satisfaction with an ASCI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) score of 86 out of 100. Meaning, that total of 86 users of Galaxy Note 4 out of 100 is satisfied with their phones. This says something about what brand is most satisfying in the USA; it is the Samsung. While talking about the second spot, it is accompanied by a total of four devices with the score of 82. It includes Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, and the Apple iPhone 6.

Even though, it has been proved that Apple iPhone 6 Plus may have been beaten by the Galaxy Note 4, but overall the Apple iPhones dominates the top 20 list of smartphones in this satisfaction index. While Samsung still manages to have most of the models present in the top 10 list.

[quote align=’right’]”ACSI surveys how happy a device owner is with their current phone” [/quote]

Smartphone customer satisfaction has been seen as steady year-over-year, with the index comprising of most of the Samsung and Apple customers. But the most surprising entry was made by Blackberry, as their customer satisfaction index has improved by 5% over the last year. It had made it the number 4 mobile phone brand in the United States for 2015, which is quite the feat for RIM.

Keep in mind that this annual American Customer Satisfaction Index should not be treated as the poll of which phone consumers would most likely to purchase. Instead, it serves as how much a device owner is happy using their current phones. There were around 70,000 people included in the study.

The study suggests that Apple’s new design leap may have broken the sales record, but the newer models appear to have gained less satisfaction from the users over the Samsung flagship devices.


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