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Best iPhone Apps for Kids aged 2 years old



Best iPhone Apps for 2 Year Old

There are children everywhere, and they are the future of the society and legacy to your blood. Not getting too dramatic here, and jumping right to the business. We know you’ve been searching for the best iPhone apps for your toddlers that would not only allow him to have some fun but learn along the way. There are tons of apps available on the App Store, and it is impossible to go through every introduction and install every app you see in order to find what’s best for your junior. Every parent wants their child to have the best of the best things and in search of the best iPhone apps for your toddler you’ve come to right place. We have curated a list of apps below that are certainly best of the best that your toddler would love.

Note: This list would frequently be updated if we found apps that are worthy to recommend our readers.

Saffy Looks for Rain

Saffy Looks for Rain

Offering a simple illustrations and animations of a story of a baby giraffe, it is a 15-page long book. The app also offers two extra activities like coloring and picture puzzling to develop the mind of your child. It has two modes of reading; your child can either listen to the narration or either you can narrate him. The animations pop up when you touch the objects, which is a very fun and entertainment for children.

Pat the Bunny

This is the collection of 14 interactive scenes based on the book by Dorothy Kunhardt. With great illustrations and extremely easy to navigation, the app offers many activities via audio, number and background music illustration. In activities mode, you have to choose a scene and follow the audio instructions to complete few simple tasks. Like by tapping of swiping on the screen, you can pop up bubbles in the bath, or make music in the kitchen. There is also a paint mode, where your kid can rub the screen to reveal the colors in the pictures.

Intros to Colors by Montessori

Intros to Colors by Montessori

The app uses RYB color model of popular Montessori color tablets as its learning method. Your junior can learn about primary, second colors and how mixing them up would produce the results. They can also learn about the shades/gradients with the help of musical tones. It also supports several languages like French, German, Spanish and Chinese.

Endless Alphabet

An ultimate app for your toddler to learn the pronunciation of the letters, as this app encourages your toddler to mimic the phonetic sounds it makes. Starting with letters, it offers constructing the words and is great for teaching the big words like juggle, lopsided and contagious. Moreover, you’ll get unlimited updates for new words each time you connect to the internet.

Red in Bed

Red in Bed

The storybook that could be your child’s companion for learning the colors through the short and sweet original stories. It offers colorful illustrations and fun interactions with musical melody, sure to keep your junior entertained. This app is available in American and British English, as well as in languages like Spanish and Hungarian.

Farm 123 – StoryToys Jr

This is a pretty adorable 3D popup book, which offers mini games that would help your kids learn the counting. It offers different levels of difficulty allowing your child to learn at various levels. The app is designed in such a way that would allow your junior to use it easily. It supports several languages like French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Korean.

Writing Wizard – Kids Learn to Write Letters & Words

This is an ultimate tracing/writing app that would be training your kid to write more accurately in both: smaller and longer form. Featuring a replay mode and detailed multiple reports that would allow parents to monitor their junior’s progress. The app offers support for multiple user profiles, as well as enables parents to define unlimited custom words. You can also use this app in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.

So, that was the list of iPhone apps, which would be very much be good for your toddler if he/she grabs your iPhone all he time to play around. These apps could very much build the basic understanding of your child before you sent him/her to the school. Also, we would like to know if you’ve come across any app that is genuinely helpful for kids. If yes, then you can contribute to the list by comment the name or better, the links of the app.


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