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iPhone 7 Teardown reveals use of Intel’s Chips for Mobile Cellular Platform



If you thought that Intel is not capable of producing chips for mobile anymore, then you might want to reconsider. No doubt the company has the potential to do so, as some of the best desktop grade chipsets are still pushed by Intel. They haven’t had much luck in the mobile chipset department. However, it looks like it is also about to change. An iPhone 7 teardown reveals some interesting details about the device. Apple uses it’s own SoCs for the iPhones and these are no exceptions. But it is Intel, who is providing all the mobile cellular platform to Apple.

These include the transceivers and modem that actually builds the base of any phone. It includes a modem, 2 RF transceivers, and a power management integrated circuit. Without these, there will not be a phone. And this is in fact, the first time that some of the flagship devices have Intel Inside them. These are some of the most important chips that are essential and it is good to see that it is coming from Intel. But it is reported that these chips will be found on all the new iPhones. Yes, it is being reported that these chips from the company can be found only on the GSM variants on AT&T or T-Mobile.

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This is majorly due to the fact that the company doesn’t support CDMA support for carriers like Verizon or Sprint. So it looks like these CDMA devices will be stuck with their Qualcomm chipsets. However, it is not confirmed yet so we might have to wait for some more time until the CDMA variants of these new iPhones get the teardown treatment. All you interested techies out there, if you wish to get into details then you check out the source and find out some interesting details about the chipset and what not. Stay tuned for more details on this.


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