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iPhone 7 Bundled Offer / Contract Comparison – Airtel Vs Reliance Jio 4G



Apple fanboys in India are having a great time as they have got lots of schemes to choose to buy the new iPhones from. The fact that many online retailers like Paytm, Flipkart and others have been offering decent cash back offers as an introductory offer on their respective websites. But there are two interesting offers that have taken our interests and they might have taken your interests as well.

We are talking about the Airtel & Reliance Jio’s respective offers for new iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus. It is commendable that telecom giants in the country are offering such resourceful offers, which will prove to be quite useful for iPhone users who are looking to purchase the new iPhone launched recently in the country.

Buy iPhone 7 from Reliance Jio & Get Free 300GB 4G Data, 600 GB of WiFi Data & Unlimited Voice Calls

Buy iPhone 7 in India under 12-month Contract at Rs 19,990 from Airtel

Now talking about the respective offers from Airtel and Reliance Jio. Starting with the Airtel’s offering, well, it is providing iPhone enthusiasts with a way to make payments in intervals. Where a down payment of Rs 19,999 is required to be done. Taking iPhone 7 32GB model as a standard variant for comparison between these two telecom company’s offerings.

Once you have purchased the iPhone under this Airtel you also agree to pay a monthly amount of at least Rs 1999. If you read our post about the Airtel iPhone offer, then you would have seen a table mentioning about the three Airtel Infinity Plans that can opt. According to the plans, you select, the benefits are offered. Considering the costliest plan at Rs 2999 to match against the Reliance Jio’s offering. As only the 3K priced postpaid infinity plan offers data of 15GB per month.


While coming to the Reliance Jio’s offering, well, it has an impressive scheme for people who are looking to purchase the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. The youngest telecom giant is giving 12 months of their Jio Digital services free of cost under the Jio iPhone Offer. Where users can enjoy free of cost 20GB monthly 4G data, unlimited voice calls and SMS. There are benefits for ISD calling as well with rate cutter pack applied automatically.

On top of that, you also get a subscription to Jio premium apps for free. All this for a period of one year. Interestingly, the Jio iPhone Offer starts from January 1st, 2017, while up until 31st December 2016 iPhone 7 users who purchased devices from Reliance Digital stores as well as from selected Apple resellers or Apple authorised stores could be able to enjoy unlimited data under Jio Welcome Offer. The booking of the device can be done from the company’s official website, and a doorstep delivery and activation of the Jio SIM card would be done as promised by the company.

Coming to the conclusion part. The iPhone 7 is available with contract basis, despite at first, you might think that you just have to pay Rs 19,990. But the fact that there is a balloon payment of Rs 24,000 needs to be done in case you decide to keep the handset. On top of that, you would have to choose to buy any of the one Infinity postpaid plan on Airtel. While on the other hand, with Reliance Jio you don’t have to do all the payment at once. After that you needn’t worry about at least 15 months (Jio Welcome Offer + Jio iPhone Offer) for any kind of need regarding voice calls, data and applications such as live streaming TV, movies, etc.

Additionally, it is confirmed that Reliance Jio is offering 25% discount on new iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus. So, you would be paying Rs 45,000 instead of the retail pricing of Rs 60,000. While calculating the final cost of going with Airtel’s iPhone 7 would cost you Rs 79,978. So, now you decide if you want to go with the costlier option of Airtel or get discounted iPhone 7 from Reliance Jio and get complimentary 15 months Jio Digital services for free. Choose wisely!


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