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iPhone 7 & 7 Plus comes with a virtual Home button, in case your capacitive button fails



One of the most noticeable change with the new iPhones are the lack of a physical depressing home button. Instead of this, the smartphone comes with a capacitive button, which along with the taptic engine, will give users an impression as if they are pressing a physical button. Well, this change is welcomed by many, but on the other hand, many are not really liking the change. So this is something to be decided by individual users. The lack of a physical home button is definitely a good move in a way since it is now one less moving part on the phone to care about. So if you are planning to hold on to the phone for a long time, then that might be something you can rely on.

But hey, when you are implementing something like this, then obviously there are chances of it failing. So you always have to make sure that there is an alternate solution for the same. The most important question to ask here was, what if the home button fails and stop working? What happens after that? Do we have to get to the Apple store and get it fixed? So these were some of the unanswered questions to take care of. Well, yes, if your home button fails for a reason, then you obviously have to get it fixed by the company only. But meanwhile, one solution to this issue is within the software. Since the device might be completely unusable until it gets fixed, the company has actually specified a workaround within the software.


If your home button fails, then you will be greeted with a message saying that your home button may need service. So in the meantime, you will be offered an on-screen home button or virtual home button to use. Interesting move right? This is probably the first time we are seeing something like this on an iPhone. However this is not going to be a permanent solution, so you definitely have to go it fixed ASAP. But instead of making the phone completely unusable, the users being offered this is quite neat. But on the other hand, we hope that the new iPhone’s home button is not prone to failures easily. Obviously, since it is not a physical moving part, it was expected that it would stand well against the wear.

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But this is something which we didn’t expect to see. And the fact that there is workaround built into the device means that the company was expecting this to happen. Well, let’s hope that is not the case here and see how this holds up over time. After all, a bunch of customers standing in a line to get their defective home button fixed is the last thing Apple wants right now. With that being said, let us know if you own one of the new iPhones and if yes, how do you like the new home button? Do you think it was a good move by the company to replace the physical ones?


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