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iPhone 6 Plus explodes at night in Florida putting the owner’s life at risk



Just when you thought that the whole smartphone explosion saga has ended, we now have reports about an iPhone 6 Plus explosion. According to the report which we have, the explosion has happened in Palm Harbor, Florida. The women who were the owner of the now completely destroyed iPhone 6 Plus said that Amanda Bentz was awakened by a strange sound at around 3 AM in the morning. When she got up to check what happened, she found out that her iPhone 6 Plus was on fire. Not a pleasant sight so early in the morning right?

It has been reported that the flames were blowing out from the right side of the phone which has damaged her nightstand. She also added if her husband wouldn’t have taken appropriate measures to stop the fire, then it would have been a worse incident. He quickly the covered the fire with a shirt which put out the fire. She added that he hadn’t done that, then the curtains and eventually the bed would have also caught fire. This has definitely been one of those incidents where a burning smartphone has put the life of the owner at risk.

Apple has reacted to this incident and has offered a replacement unit for her destroyed iPhone 6 Plus. However, Amanda says that Apple wants to put a hold on her credit card for $749. The Cupertino-based tech giant has reported that they are now looking into this matter just like they do every time when an explosion happens. Apple has also thanked the local TV station WFLA which first broadcasted the incident and brought the incident to the company’s attention.

While this is not the first time that we are seeing a smartphone burning incident, this certainly is one of the more serious incidents and we hope the company takes an action on this. It is still not confirmed as to why the incident has taken place. However, on the other hand, when you talk about Samsung‘s Note 7 explosion case which is now officially over by the way, was caused due to the failure in the battery. It has been reported that two manufacturers supplied the battery to the company and both of them were prone to failure, which is quite strange.

Let’s just hope that this whole explosion fiasco comes to end eventually and we all go back to using our smartphones without having to fear of an explosion while you are sleeping or when you are taking a phone call. With that said, let us know what do you think about this explosion situation and also tell us which smartphone are you using and do you feel safe using it. Be sure to stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more news like this.


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