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iPhone 6 Plus Explodes in the back pocket of a student during class



If you thought that the explosion saga has come to an end, then you might want to hold on to your thought. We have a report which says that an iPhone 6 Plus exploded in the back pocket of a student when he was in the middle of a class. Sounds scary right? Yes, indeed it is. So now we have smartphones exploding even without being connected to a power source. According to the new reports here, a student at a college in Burlington County, NJ claims that his iPhone 6 Plus exploded out of nowhere when it was resting in his back pocket.

The explosion left a hole in his jeans and now the phone the completely destroyed. Not sure if this is true but if it is, then we can only say that these explosion cases are getting worse day after day. Earlier the phones which exploded like the Note 7, etc. were tethered to a power source which caused the explosion. But now we are getting more and more new reports about the devices catching fire for no reason. In this case, the device was in his pocket and he was not even using it. Previously we saw a report where an iPhone 7 exploded inside the box itself, even before reaching the owner of the smartphone. Quite unfortunate right?

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Now coming back to the incident, the student said that he took out the smartphone from his back pocket and it was extremely hot to touch due to which we had to throw the device away and kick it as it was on fire. Also, a girl who witnessed the incident said that out of nowhere they heard a popping sound after which suddenly smoke started coming out of the student’s back pocket. Later on, they all realized that the device exploded. Also, do make a note that the student was sitting on the phone and we all know that the lithium batteries will explode under certain stress. So regardless of how well built the device is, these things are prone to happen.

And as of now, Apple has declined to comment on this case but we do expect them to investigate this further and take some necessary actions, unlike last time with the bendgate issue. If you were living under a rock then you might not know that the iPhone 6 Plus was easily prone to bending along the sides where the volume buttons are placed. This was called the bendgate and Apple didn’t do anything about it. So we expect them to come up with a statement at least this time. Stay tuned for more info on this as we will update once we have more details on the same.


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